VUV Analytics Hosting Executive Roundtable on Novel Approaches in Combating the Opioid Crisis and Designer Drug Abuse

Leading forensic experts to share best practices and discuss new technology that can mitigate the flow of designer drugs into the U.S.

Executive Roundtable: Mitigating the Emerging Drugs of Abuse Epidemic

VUV Analytics, Inc. announced today that it will be hosting an executive roundtable at IUPUI focused on novel tactics being employed by forensic experts to combat the opioid crisis and the abuse of designer drugs like fentanyl derivatives, synthetic cathinones, and synthetic cannabinoids. The half-day event is being held on June 6 at the University Library in partnership with IUPUI and The George Washington University. It will feature a combination of talks and an interactive forum covering challenges in seized drug analysis and technology solutions that can address the limitations of traditional approaches. Invited speakers Dr. Ira Lurie, The George Washington University, and Dr. John Goodpaster, IUPUI, will share recent work in advancing synthetic drug identification. The meeting will conclude with roundtable discussions of the most persistent challenges in identifying seized drugs, best practices to overcome limitations of current methods, and promising new technology that can improve the accuracy and speed of seized drug analysis.

“We’re really excited by the opportunity to assemble forensic thought leaders and experts who are on the frontline in the battle against illegal opioids and designer drugs,” said Ray Himmel, Senior Vice President of Global Sales. Synthetic drugs of abuse have led to thousands of hospitalizations and overdose deaths over the past several years. These compounds enter the United States through a combination of legal herbs and illicitly manufactured drugs.

“It’s clear from the ever-increasing volume of seized opioids, and their related overdoses, that something different has to be done,” said Dr. John Goodpaster, Director, Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program (IUPUI). “We hope that this roundtable will serve as a starting point for raising awareness of better ways to identify these drugs and curb their flow into the U.S.”

More information about the executive roundtable and registration can be found by visiting Space is limited, and reservations are prioritized for invited attendees.

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