VUV Analytics Announces Fuels and Petrochemical Milestones

VUV Analytics Inc., the leader in vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) absorption spectroscopy, today announced several fuels and petrochemical milestones ahead of the Gulf Coast Conference in Houston.

“VUV Analytics is proud to announce that we more than tripled revenue in fuels and petrochemical segments in 2017,” said Clark Jernigan, CEO of VUV Analytics. “Five of the top 10 global oil and gas companies and five multi-national chemical companies are our customers, and half of these customers progressed to multiple units and multiple sites in 2017. These customers are in many cases using our VUV-PIONA+™ software and following the ASTM D8071 method, published in March of 2017, to get VUV Verified™ analysis of gasoline-range streams. In addition, we completed successful evaluations at six top-25 fuels and chemicals companies that we expect to add as customers in 2018. I am also pleased to announce that we added our first super-major upstream customer and our first top-5 Test, Inspection and Certification (TIC) customer in 2017."

“On the international front, we have sold multiple units in the Middle East and have recently taken our first order in Saudi Arabia. We have additionally completed successful evaluations at very large oil and gas companies in Japan and China,” said Sean Jameson, senior vice president of business development. “We are also gaining sales traction through OEM channels."

“At this year’s Gulf Coast Conference, we will be highlighting our latest VUVision™ software for improved ease of use in method development and non-routine analysis and our VUV-PIONA+™ production mode software for simplified routine analysis of gasoline range streams,” said Paul Johnson, senior product marketing manager. “Please come see us at booth 202 to learn more about how VUV Verified™ analysis can help enhance your productivity and improve your operations.”

About VUV Analytics
VUV Analytics manufactures universal vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectroscopic detectors that provide a new dimension of chemical analysis accuracy. VUV light creates unique spectral signatures in the gas phase that result in unambiguous compound identification and quantitative analysis across a wide spectrum of complex applications. Unlike legacy GC detectors, VUV detection delivers scalable data analysis automation with reduced analytical error and higher analytical throughput. For more information, visit or contact VUV Analytics directly at (512) 333-0860.

Media Contact:
Paul Johnson

Source: VUV Analytics