Vush's Empowering Influencer Marketing Strategy is Changing the World for Women

Vush represents a change in societal norms and culture, and is the latest trend to "blow up" on instagram.

​​Vush is a self-love and female wellness brand which aims to break social stigmas behind adult toys and bring out confidence in women to explore themselves without shame or guilt. They are doing so by normalizing the use and promotion of toys through a social media movement which harnesses the power of influencer marketing to change cultural perceptions behind female adult toys.

Vush’s marketing strategy is driven by Instagram influencer marketing. They have targeted females who fit the “beauty, wellness and lifestyle” image. This has driven huge growth in their brand, follower count and sales. Many female celebrities such as:

  • @Jessika_power,

  • @Tamara_Joy

  • @Gabi

  • @lateysha_grace

  • @lauraclery

  • Others have already jumped on board with the Vush movement.

“Influencers are a critical element to our brand due to the empowering concept of promoting such a toy in the first place, which is a concept that was previously considered taboo. Our brand is breaking down barriers through the promotion of these devices, devices that previously would only be marketed to you within the premises of a dark and untasteful adult store.”

Vush aims to become the “beauty brand”, and they are doing so by positioning themselves in the market as a bright, beauty style brand, which only promotes through non-traditional channels such as beauty stores and Instagram. They cannot be found in any online adult retailer for this reason. Their products, including their most popular product “The Empress” can be found in the likes of AdoreBeauty, Australia’s largest online beauty store. They also have a growing list of beauty stockists and pharmacies lining up to capitalize on this new societal movement. 

Alicia, the spokesperson at Vush, stated “We want to create a positive and empowering space for women so they can truly express themselves with confidence; we want to take our fast-growing self-love brand to a global scale and show women that happiness is the by-product of self-love. Our mission is to normalize these products through creating an empowering movement that will break these social stigmas for good – our goal is simply to provide happiness with every Vush toy.“

It is clear that the self-love & wellness market size has been growing rapidly, which stretches across numerous industries from yoga, meditation, beauty and even toys. It is safe to say that the growing intensity of everyday life year after year has turned many individuals to prioritizing their own mental health, which is a clear market driver. The market is continuing to grow year after year, as is the wellness category at large.

Source: Vush


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