Vulpith E-Services Pvt Ltd is Offering Freelancers and Clients Special Incentives to Register Before Feb. 28

Vulpith is a new freelancing platform with multiple advantages for both clients and freelancers

Zero Commission

Vulpith E-Services Pvt Ltd has just launched their new hybrid cloud freelancing platform for e-sourcing professional services. is offering special incentives for both freelancers and clients who sign on by Feb. 28. For freelancers who register and complete their profile by the deadline, the company will waive their commission. For clients who register and post a project, they will have a free account manager.

Vulpith’s freelancing platform enables clients to e-source, screen and select service providers such as freelancers, agencies, consultants and remote employees. The service also caters to multiple industries including automotive, banking, communications, education, energy, government, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, life sciences, retail and many more.

Vulpith does not take any commission on freelancers’ projects up to $25. Projects earning more than this amount, there is a 6% (six percent) commission. Payments are guaranteed on Vulpith even if the client does not pay. Freelancers' work is also secure and cannot be copied while the client reviews and is only made available once the client releases payment.

Clients who are seeking services have advanced data protection, assured project delivery and zero fees for project awarding, cancellation and opt-out. Both the client and the freelancer are protected with dual-layer security, escrow payments and cloud workspace data protection. Vulpith makes connecting with freelancers easier and more secure than ever before.

Clients already using Vulpith have really great things to say about the service. Anil Kumar P., the vice president of global marketing at Etradex, has said, “I’ve given out a few projects on Vulpith and found very rewarding freelancers who were matched perfectly to the job at hand. I also used the payment and data protection options, which I think are essential to the future of freelancing. I’m going to stay with Vulpith.”  

To learn more and take advantage of the early benefits available to freelancers and clients before Feb. 28, visit

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About Vulpith E-Services Pvt Ltd

Vulpith is a hybrid cloud freelancing platform for e-sourcing professional services. Vulpith enables clients to e-source, screen and select service providers. To learn more, visit

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Vulpith is a hybrid cloud freelancing platform for e-sourcing of Professional Services. Vulpith enables Clients (Service Seekers) to e-source, screen, and select Service Providers (Freelancers, agencies, Remote Employees).

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