Vu Le Carré Reinvents the Hairstylist Holster With Luxury Twist Luxury Meets Practicality: The "Set Walk" Launch Helping Freelance Artist Globally to Work Efficient and Look Good Doing It

Set Walk On-set, an online store and Luxury Leather Holster line catering to the everyday freelance artist, is pleased to announce their official product launch of the first luxury hairstylist holster bag, "Set Walk."

The Set Walk holster bag is meticulously handcrafted for durability, double bound in lightweight calf-skin leather, with a detachable front holster for easy cleanup, supported by adjustable leather waist and thigh straps and finished with beautiful bronze hardware. This stylish and professional holster bag can accommodate four shears, a can of hair spray, hair fibers, combs, clips, a brush, and/or spritz.

When one is styling clients on set or have to move between several locations in the day, having your basic tools readily accessible is not always possible. The Set Walk holster makes it all possible.

Vu Le Carré™, which is derived from the French root "Vu Le Carré," meaning "saw the square" was founded by Celebrity Hairstylist Le'Ana Alexander, creating a powerful and professional statement as they launch the first luxury hairstylist holster, "Set Walk." The luxurious holster was created to alleviate the everyday stress and strain on the freelance artist.

As an in-demand professional hair artist on the go, when one acquires the Set Walk holster bag, their essential styling tools are never out of reach. The "Set Walk" is truly the epitome of luxury meeting practicality.

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Contact: Matt Neal

Source: Vu Le Carre


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