VTOMAN Announces the Launch of All-in-One Cordless Power Tool Kit on Indiegogo

VTOMAN: The All-in-one Cordless Power Tool Kit: Jump starter丨Tire inflator丨Impact wrench丨Vacuum cleaner丨High-pressure car washer

VTOMAN announced the release of its practical and easy-to-use tool kit on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Every tool in the VTOMAN toolkit shares a common power supply, eliminating the need for a different power source for each power tool. VTOMAN is currently available on Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/vtoman/x/28264887#/

VTOMAN uses a polymer ternary lithium battery that supports fast charging and only takes an hour and a half to fully charge. The battery also differs from other car tool batteries that are not compatible with each other. With a total battery life of up to three years, the car may change, but VTOMAN is for life.

Jump starter / Power supply - VTOMAN comes with a powerful jump starter for the car battery. No matter where drivers are, a dead battery will no longer hinder their travels. Most people don't know how to choose the appropriate jump starter for their vehicle, but with the VTOMAN jump starter, they can start any 5.0L engine vehicle. They can also use VTOMAN as a PD 30W mobile power source to charge their phone, laptop, tablet, and more.

Tire Inflator - With 150 PSI and five preset modes, the VTOMAN tire inflator can inflate almost anything: cars, motorbikes, and bicycle tires, recreational inflatables, and all kinds of sports balls. To ensure safety and accuracy when inflating, VTOMAN's smart chip monitors air pressure values in real-time. When the pressure is too high/low or is at risk of overheating, VTOMAN will warn with its built-in buzzer and flashing screen.

Impact Wrench - The 0.5in Impact Wrench features a brushless motor delivering up to 517 ft./lbs. of breakaway torque. The Auto mode control board provides low, medium, and high speeds, and prevents over-tightening and provides controlled removal in reverse. The die-cast gear case provides greater durability in the harshest work environments.

VTOMAN is also ideal for those who like to keep things clean. The cordless all-in-one vacuum cleaner and high-pressure washer are great not only for their car, but also for cleaning their yard, the leaves off the roof, the house's exterior walls, and even more.


VTOMAN is a technology company that focuses on R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of power tools & batteries. All of the products meet the ISO9001 quality management standards and have certifications from UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS. VTOMAN's mission is to bring VTOMAN power tools and batteries to every family that wants a safe and stable power tool. Check out the video for more information about VTOMAN: https://youtu.be/WXruwv1Uxfk

If the have any questions, please contact VTOMAN at: hi@vtoman.com

Source: VTOMAN