VSQ,LLC, Body Armor Supplier Announces New E-commerce Website

VSQ,LLC is proud to announce the launch of it's new E-commerce website, www.bulletproofshop.com, a leading supplier of bullet proof vest, body armor products, night vision and tactical accessories, for professional and civilian use.

- This user friendly website provides products that match the companies initiative to provide high quality protective products at competitive prices. VSQ,LLC,Ltd. has secured relationships with one of the leading manufacturers in the world that supply quality bullet proof vest and body armor products that are combat proven and tested for strength and dependability, by Morom Dolphin, Ltd.(I.D.F.) official supplier to Israeli army.

"Bullet proof vest and body armor is not the type of product you look for at bargain prices" says Scott Van Der Veer, President of VSQ,LLC,Ltd. "Additionally, in the security business, their lives and the lives of the people they are protecting should have confidence knowing they're wearing body armor that will protect them against most handgun rounds while minimizing blunt force trauma, allowing them to return fire".

With this new website, visitors can be confident they will find the product and information needed to find the solution to their security needs. The site is divided into categories, making it easy to locate each type of bullet proof vest, body armor, night vision, or tactical product. VSQ, LLC has designed this new website to provide visitors with state-of-the-art products used for personal protection by police, military personnel, politicians, body guards, high level executives, and celebrities to be confident they will find the product and information needed to find the solution to their security needs.

Some of the products offered at www.bulletproofshop.com are,

Bullet Proof Vest
Concealable Bullet Proof Vest, V.I.P. and Executive Style
Body Armor, w/ neck and groin protection
Hard Armor Ballistic Plates
Night Vision, goggles, weapon sights, binoculars
Tactical vest, butt stocks, pistol grips, fore grips, holsters

VSQ,LLC President Scott Van Der Veer says "they are continually searching the globe to locate and add the newest and most innovative personal protective products to their website. Additionally, " remaining on the cutting edge in this industry is key to providing customers great products that offer peace of mind".

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