VOTI DETECTION™ Announces the Launch of a Powerful Compact Table Top 3D Perspective™ X-Ray Security Scanner

 VOTI DETECTIONTM, a leading technology detection company utilizing breakthrough 3D perspective technology to deliver enhanced threat detection, announced today the launch of the XR3D-50T compact table-top X-ray Security Scanner. The XR3D-50T, powered by BioSansTM OS, is an easy to operate, single source compact table-top scanner that provides operators with extremely detailed, more revealing images, enhanced detection capabilities at a very low cost of ownership.

 “Our new compact table-top scanner is ideal for use in mailrooms, prisons, courthouses, venue entrances, and other areas requiring sensitive screening,” said Rory Olson, President and CEO of VOTI. “We are displaying our powerful new 5 Series security scanner at GSX18 in Las Vegas. Visit us at Booth #2271 GSX18, September 25 - 27.”

By providing a 3D PerspectiveTM to operators, VOTI scanners deliver remarkably sharp and more revealing images than traditional x-ray screening technology as well as threat alert, material classification, ability to manipulate and enhance images and more.

More information on VOTI’s products and security offerings is available at www.votidetection.com.


Established in 2008, VOTI DETECTIONTM is a leading-edge technology company that develops latest generation x-ray security systems based on breakthrough 3D PerspectiveTM technology. VOTI’s technology produces remarkably sharp and more revealing x-ray images that are competitively superior, while delivering enhanced threat detection capabilities and a vastly improved user experience. Since its inception, VOTIhas consulted heavily with government agencies and security specialists worldwide to develop feature-rich and easy-to-use scanners that meet the sophisticated needs of modern security screening operations. For more information about VOTI, visit www.votidetection.com.


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VOTI Detection™ is a Canadian technology company that develops and delivers both the latest generation of conventional X-ray screening platforms and innovative 3D Perspective™ technology.

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