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Football Top Team presents new public football rankings This press-release provides information about positive aspects of new football ranking and explains the differences from existing ones.

FIFA and UEFA claim to know all about the rankings of the teams. They listen to pundits while distributing the Ballon d'Or and other awards. They are the institute every football fan has to follow. What they are not interested in is the opinion of millions of people, who pay for TV broadcasts, people who pack the stadiums, they are not interested in Your opinion. But your opinion matters on

The new public ranking aims at football fans who are in need of socializing, who want to express their opinion and support their favorite players, as well as the club, coach or national squad. It's important to mention that FootballTop does not influence the results of the vote and thus does not seek any hierarchy of the players/coaches/clubs in terms of their quality or success gained in official matches escaping any sort of bias. This is a public ranking and is exclusively determined by supporters. In order to avoid multiple voting each registered user can only poll once in each category daily.

Apart from polling, visitors can get involved by submitting their own candidates, if they are missing on the site, and downloading their images and video to our database.

FootballTop is collaborating with talented journalists providing you with up-to-date football news, results, photo reports and analytics. Moreover, we are constantly looking forward to partnership with various national football federations to have our finger on the pulse and give you a fresh look on what's going on inside the sport number 1.

Join the diverse multinational football society, register on, vote for your favorite player, manager, club, national team and share opinions!

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