Vote Better Sam Helps Voters Maximize the Value of Their Vote

Voters who reside in more than one place can use to quickly compare their voting options

LAUNCHING TODAY,, a powerful and time-saving resource, enables voters with multiple residencies to quickly evaluate where their vote might have the most impact. streamlines a voter’s information-gathering search. If voters live in more than one residence, they can input their addresses into a third-party site, which rates the congressional or senatorial prospects for the upcoming November elections. Voters can look at these ratings, created by multiple non-partisan groups, and decide where they think their vote might have the most impact. Then, sends voters to where they can register at their preferred legal address. is designed to be used by anyone who has more than one residence, but it is particularly useful for college students because it has specific links to help them with registration information. According to the New York Times article "How College Campuses Are Trying to Tap Students’ Voting Power," college students currently have a meager voter turnout rate, but they have the power to impact elections. "College students, who often have multiple places they call home, have a special opportunity to take control of their vote and make sure it counts,” said Nathan Brodie, the founder of and a rising senior at Windward High School in Los Angeles.

Nathan Brodie became interested in politics after the most recent presidential election. While learning about the selection of representatives for Congress, he was astounded by the ability of gerrymandering to manipulate the outcome of elections. Brodie feels that the practice of politicians shaping the boundaries of districts in ways that will benefit themselves and their party at the expense of democratic ideals is unfair. He developed to give voters a chance to fight back.

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