Volunteer Energy Launches NetLines, a Business Phone App for Entrepreneurs

New app is designed to let users decide when their smartphone transforms from their personal phone to their business phone

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Today, Volunteer Energy, a leading energy supplier in the Midwest, announced the launch of its spin-off company NetLines, a business phone app that helps business owners stay connected with their teams and clients anywhere.

In just one app, small businesses can have one-on-one meetings, conference calls, video calls, messaging, contact groups and more. The personal smartphone integration shows only a business number on caller ID, empowering entrepreneurs to create a work-life separation.

“On average, 45 percent of entrepreneurs face challenges in managing work-life balance,” said NetLines co-founder and Director of Marketing Jerry Haines. “We designed NetLines to provide advanced business phone services from one affordable app, allowing business owners to collaborate and connect when – and where – they want.”

App features can also be tailored to meet the demands of each organization. This includes Hubs, an exclusive capability that allows users to create customized contacts for conference line calling - anywhere from two to 200 people with a press of a button.

NetLines is available for iOS and Android smartphones and can be downloaded at the Apple App Store or Google Play.

About NetLines:
NetLines is the revolutionary business phone app that allows business owners to stay connected to their team and their clients with a simple, sophisticated service - no matter where they are in the world. Available for iOS and Android smartphones, NetLines provides all of a small business' phone needs. With features like voice valet, extensions, video messaging, text messaging and call recording, NetLines streamlines collaboration and keeps a business owner and their team efficient. To learn more about NetLines, please visit our website at www.NetLines.com.

Heather Phillips

Source: Volunteer Energy


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