Vol25 Launches Newest Line of Scientific Wall Art

​Jessica Rose, Owner and Illustrator at Vol25, is launching the Haven Collection. The newest line of scientific wall art to include scientific illustrations, botanical wall charts, farmhouse and other unique wall hanging decor.

Haven Collection Launches August 8th.

Vol25 is launching its newest line of hanging wall art with a focus on scientific illustrations this August 8th. Dendrology is represented with an exacting sketch of oak leaves and acorns. Entomology with a detailed rendition of the Gold Jewel Beetle, and Plumology with an artistic break down of various Pheasant feathers, and more. From beautiful lodge décor to heart aching statement pieces, Vol25 is both a science and an art of its own.

“Quality print and so beautiful! I get so many compliments on the large Anemone Study Vol 1. I have it in my powder room and every time I have guests they right away comment on its beauty and uniqueness. I will be ordering more for sure! Thank you.”

Sona Bates | Verified Customer Vol25

Haven Collection.

The Haven Collection by Vol25 is not a cold hearted, sterile line of charts and graphs. It’s science turned art. Each piece is masterfully accurate, but it’s also stunningly beautiful.

Vol25 art is created by owner and illustrator, Jessica Rose, on the highest quality Luxe Cotton Canvas with highly archival pigment based ink. The printing is done in house via an Epson 4880 wide format printer, and each print is personally inspected, to ensure the upmost quality.

From the ROAM piece, the detailed head of a buffalo. To THANKFUL GRATEFUL BLESSED, one of two beautiful calligraphy statement pieces. And DAHLIA STUDY, an incredibly detailed and gallery worthy depiction of the famous flower. These art works have their place in the lab and the home as the most interesting wall hanging décor on the market. 

 “The inspiration for my scientific-inspired wall hangings came in 2012 after my husband and I bought a small cabin at the edge of Washington's North Cascade Mountains. The fresh mountain air and simpler, slower way of life inspired a new direction in my art. I tried sourcing artwork that represented the minimalist life we chose to live. I was immediately drawn to vintage scientific wall charts, but I wanted a fresh, clean style. I desperately wanted something unique and rarely seen. This was where my inspiration took life. Pairing watercolor techniques with science based art became my passion. I soon discovered there were others searching for the same enduring, heirloom quality art. My vision is to deliver a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art that will be cherished for years, and I strive to deliver an unrivaled experience.”
Jessica Rose | Owner/Illustrator Vol25

To learn more about Vol25. visit www.vol25.com, or www.etsy.com/shop/vol25 on Etsy. Subscribe at http://eepurl.com/bV4nVj to receive discount codes, the latest in product release information, and insights into the relationship between art and science that can only be found at Vol25.

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Media contact Jessica Rose at contact@vol25.com for interviews, samples, or additional photos.

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