Voices Promotes Managed Services Offerings

Voices, the world’s leading voice over marketplace, is proud to offer Managed Services, a hands-on approach to voice over projects. As voice over needs evolve, Voices has seen growing demand for customized support. Managed Services provides clients with assistance that goes beyond what’s offered in the self-service marketplace.

“We’re proud to be the one-stop solution for all voice over and its related project management needs,” says Colin McIlveen, VP of Customer Operations at Voices. “Whether someone needs 100 words recorded or 1,000, our dedicated account teams make the process as simple as possible.”

Projects using Managed Services reap all the benefits offered through Voices’ self-serve marketplace and more. Offerings unique to Managed Services include:

  • End-to-end project management–a dedicated account team that can assist in coordinating everything needed for the project, whether that be shortlisting talent, hosting live directed recording sessions, edits, and more.
  • Consultation and guidance for complex projects, including projects requiring multivoice, multilingual, or text-to-speech.
  • Administrative and logistical assistance to provide quality, on-brand, professional recordings delivered to unique specifications on a deadline. 

“We’re here to help with whichever area of a project our team can assist in. We’ve worked with clients who needed help determining what the right voice for their project should sound like. We’ve also worked with clients who required hundreds of voice tracks recorded in multiple languages.”

McIlveen says common projects that Managed Services works on include eLearning modules requiring numerous voice over recordings, projects requiring translation and localization to specific regional accents, and projects involving data sets and text-to-speech.

For more information on Voices’ Managed Services, visit https://www.voices.com/managed-services.

About Voices

Voices is the world’s #1 voice marketplace, with over 4 million registered users. Since 2005, the biggest and most beloved brands have entrusted Voices to help them find professionals to bring their projects to life. Voices helps match clients with voice over professionals in over 160 countries and 100+ languages and dialects.

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About Voices

Voices is the world's leading voice marketplace with over 4 million members. Since 2005, the biggest and most beloved brands have trusted Voices to help them find professionals to bring their projects to life.

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