VOICES IN THE WIND - A Matter of Honor by TONY MANERA (finalist in 2021 Fiction Five Literary Contest - mystery category) Kindle e-book and paperback now available on Amazon

Sicilian Mafia intrigue and Byzantine Italian politics play out in this contemporary fast-paced story full of unexpected twists, betrayals, and local culture.

Don Pasquale seeks fame and fortune with his inside track on a five-billion-euro project. Complications arise when the European Investment Bank, worried about Mafia entanglement, blocks the funding, and he gets a mysterious warning from local police inspector Bellini. "Isn't it amazing how peaceful Etna is most of the time? Yet, even when a mantle of snow covers its peak, there could be a devastating eruption." Then, while Don Pasquale tries to raise cash from some unscrupulous wealthy associates in London, people he's always trusted betray him. With Bellini nipping at his heels, an unexpected golden opportunity offers hope that his troubles will dissipate like morning dew under a rising Sicilian sun. Will he be able to seize it?

A well-planned mystery with a quick pulse and bold Sicilian flavors - Indies Today

A Mafia story full of unexpected twists, betrayals, and local details that delivers a welcome change of pace" - Book Life Review

"An efficient and intriguing, if sometimes bumpy, crime tale." - Kirkus Reviews

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