Voices Gives Emotion to AI Voice With the Launch of Its New AI Studio

Voices, the world’s leading voice over marketplace, today launched AI Studio, Voices’ text-to-speech platform offering human-like AI voices with high fidelity. With the addition of AI voices to their product offerings, Voices is now the world’s most comprehensive provider of voice solutions with the world’s largest voice over talent base.

Through AI Studio, customers can browse through a portfolio of voice clones from real, professional voice actors, input their script, and generate an instant preview of their voice over. Research by Voices found that clients view effective treatment of inflection, tone, and emotion as required elements for AI voice solutions. AI Studio includes a variety of changeable tones — such as conversational, excited, sad, funny — to ensure the voices match the styles and meaning that scripts are intended to convey. Users also have the ability to adjust the pronunciation and the speed of the AI voice to fully suit the needs of the script. 

“Nailing down AI’s ability to express emotion through voice is an incredible undertaking that we’re excited to see come to life,” says Jay O’Connor, Interim CEO of Voices. “Retaining the authenticity of human voice was a top priority for us when designing the platform. We're really proud of the life-like quality of the voices and the platform’s ability to convey emotion through varying tones.”

The voices on AI Studio are created in partnership with professional voice actors, ensuring high-quality audio and a human-like performance. Because the AI Studio uses the voices of real voice talent, clients have a range of options when it comes to their voice solution: they can choose to work with a human, an AI voice, or both. A hybrid pairing of human and AI voice can be especially useful for projects needing multiple recordings with minor alterations between each script; for example, an ad agency running the same advertisement in multiple locations can make instant updates to the location tag using AI. The ability to pair human voices with AI provides clients the flexibility to maintain a consistent and high-quality voice across all channels while also leveraging the convenience and on-the-go adaptability that AI has to offer.

“We’re excited to be the one-stop shop for all voice over solutions, from the traditional human voice over all the way to human-like AI voice clones,” says O’Connor. “The way we work and the needs of customers are changing. Launching AI Studio means our clients now have access to more flexibility and options when it comes to voice solutions.”

Voices is committed to the ethical development of AI. The platform is set up to give voice actors the control they need: participating voice actors have been actively involved in the process, are able to set their own pricing in the AI Studio, and can establish a list of blocked words they don’t want their voice clone to say. To ensure a hassle-free experience for both clients and talent, the Voices platform manages all licensing to guarantee that each project obtains the proper licenses.

To check out the AI Studio, visit https://www.voices.com/text-to-speech. For more insights into the world of voice over, visit Voices at: https://www.voices.com/.

About Voices

Voices is the world's #1 voice marketplace, with over 4 million registered users. Since 2005, the biggest and most beloved brands have entrusted Voices to help them find professionals to bring their projects to life. Voices helps match clients with voice over professionals in over 160 countries and 100+ languages and dialects.

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About Voices

Voices is the world's leading voice marketplace with over 4 million members. Since 2005, the biggest and most beloved brands have trusted Voices to help them find professionals to bring their projects to life.

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