VoicePivot and ImageDeep Forge Partnership to Provide Fever/Thermal Cameras, Managed Services to North America

VoicePivot ImageDeep Monitoring

VoicePivot, LLC announces a strategic partnership with ImageDeep, Ltd. to provide fever/thermal cameras and managed services to support North American clients. The partnership will provide VoicePivot access to ImageDeep's thermal/fever cameras and cloud-based managed services.

This comes at a time when cloud-based technology and support is greatly needed in every vertical and every large organization. Re-opening in Corporate America during the COVID-19 pandemic is now a board room discussion.   

Thermal testing is non-invasive, produces objective and instant results, and tests for one of the primary symptoms of COVID-19: Fever

Thermal inspection stations installed worldwide can be monitored as a single entity. All reports across worldwide installations can be monitored in real time. VoicePivot and ImageDeep can act as a global early warning and tracking device for all flu-like symptoms in branches and factories protecting both staff and customers.

VoicePivot and ImageDeep will provide a complete end-to-end managed service - a comprehensive turn-key solution that includes design, supply, commission, maintenance, and monitoring. VoicePivot and ImageDeep will create peace of mind by safely securing their business clients.

“Accelerating business in this climate and during a pandemic is heavily dependent on operational efficiencies layered on top of a safe and secure environment.  The combination of VoicePivot and ImageDeep will allow business to re-open in rapid fashion,” said Rod Johnson, President/CEO, VoicePivot, LLC.


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