Vocodia Named Top Florida Tech Startup 2022

Vocodia today has announced that they have been named Top Florida Tech Startup 2022, by StartupCity, in appreciation of their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Brian Podolak - CEO of Vocodia

Vocodia today has announced that they have been named Top Florida Tech Startup 2022 by StartupCity.

Vocodia has revolutionized contact center operations with their bespoke conversational AI, called the Digital Intelligent Sales Agent (DISA).  DISA produces natural-sounding conversations through their native language process (NLP) technology. This allows companies to give their customers a far more personal and human experience, with the convenience of an automated system. 

"Gone are the days where we slam the phone, press 0, and beg to speak to a human due to lackluster customer service AI," says Vocodia CEO, Brian Podolak.

"Sometimes, we have to let the customers know that they are talking to DISA because the conversations are that natural and human-like."

Vocodia's solution ingests thousands of conversations and stands light years apart from the conventional AI chatbots that typically drive users mad. This element of using real human voices makes the resulting engagement more human-like and enables conversations carried out by DISA to be tailor-made to each interaction. So much so that in a recent live demonstration of their solution given to a panel of AI scientists, the experts were convinced that they were interacting with an actual human being. 

Vocodia's DISA offering allows access to unmatched communication channels for their customers and empowers companies to continue to uphold the brand value they represent.

About Vocodia:

Vocodia is a next-generation conversational AI technology provider. The company revolutionizes contact center operations with their innovative conversational AI technology called Digital Intelligent Sales Agent. This advanced AI software allows companies to automate their contact center operations and provide a more genuine and efficient customer experience.

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