Vocodia Joins 300+ Industry Leaders at Las Vegas Call & Contact Center Expo

Customer Engagement, IT, and telecommunications will be in attendance

Brian Podolak

Vocodia will attend the Las Vegas Call & Contact Center Expo March 16-17, 2022 at booth 4026. The Expo provides unparalleled coverage to companies that work within the customer engagement, IT, and telecommunications industries. This event will showcase the latest solutions for customer experience and support, as well as advancements and developing strategies in telecommunications, blockchain, cyber and smart security solutions, and many other key factors in managing a call center or customer engagement department.

Since the beginning of 2022, Vocodia has been named a Top 10 Florida Tech Startup, was featured in the MarTech podcast series, and attended the Lead Generation World conference in San Diego, California. Their mission is to provide an inexpensive and scalable alternative to traditional call centers' delivered campaigns. Vocodia is poised to explode on the scene with its next-generation conversational AI that functions as an extension of individual agents that increases footprint capacity. DISA, which stands for "Digital Intelligent Sales Agents" is software that seems so human that you may have already spoken to it without realizing.

High-performing call centers are five times more likely to use AI than underperforming ones. Core sales teams are able to focus their efforts on qualified leads as DISA maximizes sales outreach while maintaining off-script personalization.

"We are a turnkey operation," says Vocodia CEO Brian Podolak. "The client simply sends us scripts, rebuttals, and an optional recording for us to train our AI based on their models. We take care of the rest. Our key differentiator is simplicity, and to my knowledge, we are the only ones who can handle outbound sales in such a manner." Podolak will speak at the Expo on Wednesday 3/16/22 from 2:30 p.m.-1 p.m. local time in theater 2.

About Vocodia:
Vocodia is a next-generation conversational AI technology provider. The company revolutionizes contact center operations with their innovative conversational AI technology called Digital Intelligent Sales Agent. This advanced AI software allows companies to automate their contact center operations and provide a more genuine and efficient customer experience.

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