VMG Global Brand Ambassadors Travelling to Tasmania

VMG Global's community of brand ambassadors have a number of upcoming road trips planned, including chances to meet with clients in Tasmania.

​Brand ambassadors with VMG Global sometimes go on interesting road trips to learn from others, to meet with clients, or for industry networking. These road trips are always great ways for them to expand their contacts, their experiences, and their perspectives, so we like to share the opportunities they’re about to embark on to encourage others to join.

“The group has a few big trips coming up,” shared Elyse, the admin for VMG Global speaking about the different travel opportunities. “Some will be going on a road trip to Tasmania. They’re contracted with a client that flies them out to their facility for 11 days of education. I know those who are going are really looking forward to this travel opportunity.”

“These brand ambassadors gain so much more than just learning when they attend these events,” continued Mark, the owner of VMG Global. “They build connections with their peers in the industry from different parts of the country, they have fun exploring a new location, they have a chance to step back and think about their professional journeys and businesses with a critical eye, and they get some time to do some amazing strategising and brainstorming. They always return to Sydney energised, full of new ideas, and ready to really turn their work into a sustaining professional life.”

Some will be going on a road trip to Tasmania. They're contracted with a client that flies them out to their facility for 11 days of education. I know those who are going are really looking forward to this travel opportunity


VMG Global Admin

VMG Global Conferences Offer Many Benefits

“Any time a new brand consultant chooses to take part in the VMG Global network, we try to make sure they’re aware of the opportunities that come with different trips,” continued Mark. “Sometimes, it helps to talk to more experienced ambassadors who can tell them how much their skills improved or their professional efforts blossomed after attending a conference.”

“Then there are the friendships that are formed at these events among the different players in our industry,” continued Mark. “New ambassadors get a chance to sit down with industry leaders and, in some cases, leave with a mentor who will give them advice and assistance for years. Getting a chance to work and learn directly from a client also strengthens relationships between each individual and the client’s team. They’re really a win for everyone. Plus, once the seminar is done, everyone gets to go out and explore the area, try cool restaurants, and just have fun.”

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VMG Global is known for high-level outsource marketing. The firm’s network of brand ambassadors uses a scalable approach to build awareness and increase profits. The professionals put on events in high-profile areas, spreading targeted messages that convey value to secure big returns. The firm’s partners quickly find growth with their approach. At the same time, the collaborative workspace supports the development of business professionals. Network participants take advantage of learning options that aid in the pursuit of their goals. As a community with a common vision, it’s easy to exchange knowledge and celebrate success together. Learn more by visiting vmg.com.au

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