Vladislav Matveyev Aims to Improve US-Russia Relations

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Vladislav Matveyev is dedicating his life to improving political relationships, not just between countries' political systems, but also between their citizens. Specifically, he wants to enhance the relations between the US and Russia. From an early age, he has had a particular interest in the often tumultuous relationship between those two countries. After the dissolution of the USSR, Russia had gone through tremendous changes, and various geopolitical issues have taken place. Often, Russia played a key part in those issues, and the American response had been equally telling.

Vladislav Matveyev had looked at the recent crisis in Syria, for instance. In 2013, the American government was committed to taking military action against the country with the aim of toppling down the Assad government. Were it not for the involvement of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, that objective would have been pursued. Instead, through diplomatic relations, Assad remained in place, even as the chemical weapons were removed from the country. This diplomatic resolution was what first got Matveyev to become interested in the field. So much so, in fact, that he changed the direction of his graduate studies.

To gain a much better understanding of the problems that affect the relationship between the US and Russia, Vladislav Matveyev took the 1990s relationship that the US had with Russia, which was then under Boris Yeltsin, as a starting point. At that point, the countries' relationship was reasonably amicable. However, when NATO started to bomb the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, relations soured. And the election of Vladimir Putin as president resulted in its further deterioration. 

Uniquely, Matveyev is less interested in the geopolitical situation, but more on the effect the relationship between the two countries has on citizens across the globe. His aim is to find ways to resolve conflict through mediation and negotiation, thereby settling tensions for the people that are affected. To achieve this, he shifted his studies from business to negotiation and dispute resolution. 

Vladislav's unique approach and dogged determination have drawn the attention of prominent political figures. In fact, he was contacted by the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, because of his libertarian ways of working and down to earth attitude. He had the opportunity to interview Dr. Ron Paul himself, who encouraged him to join the Young Americans for Liberty organization, which he did.

During the interview, which was held in 2015, Matveyev had the opportunity to discuss the Ukrainian political crisis and the annexation of the Crimea, as well as its effects on the relationship between the US and Russia. Dr. Ron Paul had explained that the said relationship had been fragile ever since the Cold War, but that there seems to have been a significant deterioration over recent times. 

For Matveyev, this was an opportunity to further target his studies. He is a student at Creighton University's Werner Institute, where he aims to complete a graduate degree in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. His unique theory is that the ongoing dispute between Russia and the US has been affected by internal policies, mainly the disagreement between Democrats and Republicans. The election of President Donald Trump has worsened this, as many within the Republican party itself now struggle to come to an agreement. 

Matveyev believes that solutions can be found once the actual people of both Russia and the United States are able to build a relationship of trust. Indeed, his focus is on the citizens of both countries and on finding common grounds, rather than common mistrust. To be better able to achieve this, he has taken elective courses in dialogue facilitation as part of his master's degree. He uses these skills when mediating between American and English groups, acting as a court interpreter at the same time. 

For Matveyev, the ultimate goal is to get the different parties involved in any conflict to sit around a table and resolve whatever the issue is through mediation and diplomatic negotiation. He believes that it is possible to settle differences in that manner, mainly by being an advocate of the citizens involved. He has developed systems in which participants are able to express their interests and concerns, using that as a starting point for negotiations.

In a recent interview, he explained that all people have common interests. By finding such interests, communication can be improved, which in turn leads to the development of trust. While this may not be a quick or instant fix for all the problems around the world in which either the US or Russia are involved, it can be an excellent starting point to bring about peace. Many believe that Matveyev will be a force to be reckoned with. His commitment to finding a common ground between two nations who have for so long focused on what makes them different is nothing short of noble.

Source: Vladislav Matveyev