Vladimir Kush Unveils His New Masterpiece 'Hawaiian Firestorm Bird'

Hawaiian Firestorm Bird

A metaphorical journey with world-renowned artist Vladimir Kush took place this past weekend when the metaphorical realist unveiled his newest masterpiece "Hawaiian Firestorm Bird", Oil on Canvas (30"x44") and also available in a Limited-Edition Print on Canvas (29"x42.5"). 

Surrounded by his collectors, the artist took the stage during his two-day shows in his own gallery, Kush Fine Art, in downtown Laguna Beach, CA. The anticipation and excitement just before the veil came off his new masterpiece was then followed with applause and astonishment. The artist described the meaning behind his new painting:

Ancient people experienced fear and respect when they witnessed a volcanic eruption. They worshiped the fire as a symbol of divine power. That is where legends about stealing fire come from, such as the one of Prometheus.

There is a similar legend in Polynesian mythology. According to the story, Maui, a cultural hero and a trickster, stole the fire from the underworld gods. Hence the volcanic origin of the Hawaiian Islands becomes more evident. In another legend, Maui knew a tribe of birds that had mastered the art of fire-making, and he captured the leader who gave him their secret.

The symbolism of fire, related to revival and renewal, is personified in the image of the Phoenix Bird, which is reborn from its own ashes. In the Easter liturgies of the Roman Catholic Church, candles are extinguished and then ignited again with a new fire.

After the devastating fires in Lahaina, this tragic event came to be known as the "Firestorm Hell in Paradise". For the artist, this was his way of processing the loss of his gallery through his creativity and, at the same time, discovering a new bird species, the "Hawaiian Firestorm Bird". 

Kush's gallery "Kush Fine Art" was burned during this tragic event in Lahaina, HI. It was 22 years ago when the artist embarked on his own Metaphorical Voyage and opened his first art gallery in Maui. The historic town of Lahaina holds a very special place in the artist's life, history, and journey. His connection to Maui, and especially to the historic town of Lahaina, is undeniable. Many of his artworks include symbolisms that showcase the inspiration rooted from the magical Island of Maui. 

Visit or call Kush Fine Art Galleries in Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, and Miami Beach, and explore a collection of original paintings, limited edition prints on different mediums, bronze and silver sculptures, a unique jewelry line, coffee table books and art catalogs, and a wearable art collection by the artist. 

For more information, visit www.kushfineart.com, or contact info@kushfineart.com. Follow Kush and his galleries on Instagram, Facebook, X and Threads.

Source: Kush Fine Art

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