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Life is Beautiful

One of the most influential and world-recognized artists of our times; the creator of Metaphorical Realism, Vladimir Kush, introduced to the public a collection of his paintings titled "Black Matters." The artist included some of his earlier paintings such as "Black Horse" and some of his latest releases including "Life is Beautiful" and "Music Ascending."

In this series of paintings, the artist explains the history and importance of the black color in art and, more importantly, in his paintings.

Kush explains: Black was one of the first colors used in art. Black color by its nature is the mix of all other colors. Black color was associated with darkness, which reflected the dualistic unity of white and black, light and darkness, day, and night. In this connection we can recall the Russian poet Nikolai Zabolotsky: "What is beauty...is it a vessel, holding emptiness inside, or a fire burning brightly in that vessel?"

Impressionists were famous for their denial of black color in their palette. Inspired by Renoir paintings, a group of students once visited the maestro's studio in Paris and told him that they threw all their black paints into the Seine River since they were all inspired by the master's translucent and light palette of colors. Renoir argued that black paint is very important for the painter, since black may bear many colors and nuances in itself. Consequently, inspired with this discussion, Renoir painted his famous work "Umbrellas", which became known as the "Symphony of Black Color".

The Golden Pavilion was built amidst the darkness, and now it is impossible to tell what the beauty is. Is it the temple itself, or is it the darkness of the night surrounding it, or maybe both? - Yukio Mishima.

Another example is the iconic painting titled: "Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich. The larger and more universal leap forward represented by the painting, however, is the break between representational painting and abstract painting —a complex transition with which "Black Square" has become identified and for which it has become one of the key shorthands, touchstones or symbols.

The upcoming and newest publication by the artist titled "Black and White Matters" will soon be available, featuring a collection of black and white drawings sketched by the artist throughout his life and introducing a new way for art collectors and art enthusiasts to enjoy the work of the artist. 

To see the entire collection of "Black Matters" paintings, visit https://kushfineart.com/black-matters/ and, for more information, contact us at info@kushfineart.com. These and many more paintings, sculptures, unique jewelry, and publications are also available at  Kush Fine Art galleries in Las Vegas, NV, Laguna Beach, CA, and Maui, HI.

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