Vizzion Supplies Entercom's Traffic Weather Information Network (TWIN) With Traffic Camera Feeds to Create Traffic and Weather Reports

The Desktop Video Wall in action

​Vizzion is pleased to announce that Entercom, a leading media and entertainment company and one of the two largest radio broadcasters in the United States, now uses Vizzion’s Desktop Video Wall as a key tool in their traffic and weather reporting. Reaching over 170 million listeners each month through 235 stations, Entercom’s leading news platform delivers accurate and insightful traffic and weather information to the communities it serves. Vizzion provides Entercom’s Traffic Weather and Information Network (TWIN) content creation team access to more than 16,000 cameras from 25 markets across the US. The Desktop Video Wall also provides Entercom’s producers and reporters with live imagery from over 54,000 ‘hotspots’ – locations with live imagery sampled from internet-connected on-vehicle cameras.

“TWIN takes innovative approaches to provide their listeners with the most up to date and accurate traffic reports, including taking advantage of our new on-vehicle camera network,” says Keith Anderson, Vizzion’s Marketing Manager, “so we’re proud to have been selected as a vital component of their operations centers.”

Vizzion’s Desktop Video Wall is a turnkey enterprise application that is used by operations centers to rapidly access over 64,000 cameras in 600 markets across 43 countries in a highly configurable and easy to use application. Users can access and view up to 25 roadside and on-vehicle cameras per screen. They can identify events as they occur, monitor their effects, and determine when the situation has normalized by either auto-populating a video wall with cameras nearest to a location, or manually selecting the individual cameras that are the most interesting to them. Images can also be “undocked” directly from the Video Wall, allowing the user to see them in a full-screen view. The Desktop Video Wall is designed to help operators report accurately on the entire story, and with its intuitive interface and instant delivery of results, it makes seeing the current traffic and weather conditions in a given area an efficient, yet thorough, process.

About Vizzion

Vizzion provides live traffic camera feeds from over 64,000 traffic cameras in 43 countries worldwide to automotive, mapping, media, transportation, and public safety applications. With authorization from more than 200 different national and regional agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Africa, and a network of on-vehicle cameras, Vizzion is the leading provider of traffic camera data and services. Traffic cameras are a proven way for websites and application providers to attract new customers and encourage daily usage and for operations centers to ensure they have the most up-to-date and accurate information. Vizzion has the capabilities to analyze images and automatically detect and notify users of hazards and dangerous driving conditions, such as low visibility.

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About Vizzion

Vizzion is the leading provider of road imagery for traffic, weather, road condition, and safety operations and applications. Vizzion offers live feeds from over 140,000 cameras in over 40 countries worldwide via its API and Video Wall application.

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