VivoDoc Joins Forces With NexHealth to Digitize Physician Practice Management

Accelerates physician practice onboarding to the VivoDoc platform

VivoDoc is a leading, Dallas-based, physician practice optimization platform that is empowering physicians to modernize their practice management and patient engagement capabilities. It serves as a centralized healthcare marketplace that allows both patients and physicians to easily find each other, connect, and seamlessly manage the entire experience. VivoDoc's target is to enlist 1,000+ practices and 10,000+ active users by the end of 2022, and to achieve this goal it chose to build on NexHealth's leading healthcare API.

User Experience & Challenge 

When patients are registered on the platform, they enter their symptoms into the mobile app and are guided via VivoDoc's AI-enabled self-triage functionality. The app connects the patient to the right healthcare provider and enables seamless scheduling, with a choice of virtual or face-to-face appointments. Patients have the option of paying via insurance or direct cash pay and completing the necessary forms in advance. VivoDoc also keeps the patient's paperwork digitally secure, yet easily accessible. 

As for the physicians, listing their practice on VivoDoc serves to market their services to patients searching for care, streamline scheduling by removing the need for calling the office for appointments, reduce double bookings & no-shows, as well as simplify the payment process through direct-pay or insurance. Additionally, VivoDoc helps in generating inbound leads and provides secure electronic health records to tackle document duplication and loss of records. 

Initially, VivoDoc planned to partner with multiple EHR providers to create a suite of services, which proved to be counterproductive due to various integration issues and the time it took to onboard each EHR individually. 

The ideal solution: NexHealth's API

VivoDoc needed a single platform which interacted with the largest EHR systems, and it found the perfect solution with NexHealth. NexHealth's universal API allowed VivoDoc to get to market faster, and easily onboard physicians. Building on NexHealth also eliminated the need for bespoke integrations with multiple EHR entities which saved VivoDoc a lot of money both in time and developer resources. VivoDoc needs to just integrate once with NexHealth, and they could then read and write to each of the EHRs. 

Dr. Rahman Mohammed MD, Cofounder and CEO of VivoDoc explained that "VivoDoc's vision is to simplify digitization of physician practices at scale. Time is of essence, and we found a perfect platform partner in NexHealth, giving us the ability to integrate EHRs at the pace and reliability that will allow us to transform healthcare." 

Source: VivoDoc