VivaWell and Shen.AI Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Health Monitoring in Mexico and Argentina

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In a significant move to revolutionize digital health and wellness in Mexico and Argentina, Shen.AI, a leader in Face-Scanning Technology for remote vital signs monitoring, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with VivaWell, a pioneering healthtech in Latin America. This partnership is set to redefine preventive health care and wellness, making advanced health monitoring accessible to corporations and individuals across Mexico and Argentina.

VivaWell, known for its innovative approach to the healthcare industry, combines preventive care with personalized wellness solutions. As the first platform of its kind in Latam, VivaWell has already transformed the way people approach their health and well-being, expanding beyond traditional healthcare to improve quality of life and well-being through a digital strategy.

The integration of Shen.AI’s cutting-edge technology into VivaWell’s platform will empower users with accurate, remote health assessments, accessible directly from their smartphones. This collaboration aims to enhance VivaWell’s offerings, providing health insights and fostering a proactive culture of health monitoring among its users.

"Partnering with Shen.AI allows us to take a giant leap forward in our mission to offer a comprehensive and personalized health prevention model," said Eduardo Iglesias, Founder & CEO of VivaWell. "Shen.AI’s technology aligns perfectly with our vision of redefining preventive healthcare, offering our users an unprecedented level of insight into their wellness."

This strategic partnership is a testament to both companies' commitment to leveraging technology for health promotion, prevention, and improving life quality. With this cooperation, Shen.AI and VivaWell are set to pave the way for a new era of digital health in Mexico and Argentina, making preventive health care more accessible, engaging, and effective than ever before.

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About VivaWell

VivaWell is a leading healthtech company that provides a comprehensive, preventive and personalized health and wellness platform in Latam. As a digital-first company, VivaWell is redefining healthcare and expanding its services to promote well-being and quality of life.

About Shen.AI

Shen.AI enables remote vital signs monitoring only with a Smartphone, helping Digital Health providers offer comprehensive online care. Their solutions enable accurate, remote health assessments, revolutionizing personal health monitoring and care.

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About Vivawell

VivaWell is an innovative start up that provides a comprehensive approach at health insurance for corporations and individuals. We are the first and only preventive and personalized health prevention and wellness platform that operates in Mexico. Bor

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