Vitality by Kristin - Sees Growth in a Saturated Fitness Landscape

Vitality Sets Core Focus on Functional Fitness for a Well-Balanced Lifestyle

Vitality by Kristin - Fitness & Wellness

The fitness industry has exploded in the New Orleans area with a wave of functional fitness facilities saturating every street corner promoting high-intensity workouts. As fast as these facilities open, it seems like another one is always closing their doors.   

Vitality by Kristin noticed this trend and chose to create a path less traveled.  "When I started Vitality, I just knew I wanted to help people change their lives with balance," says founder, Kristin Kavanaugh. "My goal was to find a group of like-minded individuals and create workouts that challenged them mentally and physically." 

Vitality chose to base each client effort using group training and incorporating the MyZone® heart rate training system. Providing a real-time display for each individual's efforts was one of the fundamental keys to Vitality's program. "All of the Vitality members' heart rates are displayed on a large LED screen, giving the coaches information to monitor each workout," says Sara Baxter, one of Vitality's certified trainers. "Having these tools gives us the opportunity to 'push' or 'pull back' each individual in a group setting." 

A different approach to fitness in the New Orleans area required an understanding of the overindulgence waiting for everyone at any time. "We live in the greatest city in the world - the best food, the best festivals and the greatest parties," says Kristin. "Our members enjoy the abundance of life New Orleans has to offer. Our strength and condition program is designed to help balance what New Orleans as to offer."  

Source: Vitality by Kristin


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