Vita Nonwovens, the US Division of the TWE Group, Today Announces That Recent Increases in Tariffs Will Impact Pricing

Vita Nonwovens, the U.S. division of the TWE Group, today announces that recent increases in tariffs on Chinese imports will have an impact on their pricing going forward.

In light of the unfortunate developments in the trade negotiations between the administrations of the U.S. and China, the tariffs on Polyester staple fiber tariffs are expected to move from an already high rate of 25% to 30% in the month of October. 

​In addition, Viscose fibers have seen an increase from 10% to 15% as of Sept. 1.

This comes in addition to anti-dumping duty orders on Fine Denier Polyester staple fibers, that were put in place by the U.S. administration as early as July 2018, with an impact ranging from 24% to 49% on imports from Taiwan and 30% to 45% on imports from Korea.

“Even though we are hoping that an agreement between the administrations will be reached, we don’t know the duration and long-term implications of these tariffs,” explains Kevin Womble, President of Vita Nonwovens. “Therefore, we will remain focused on being better today than we were yesterday and continue delivering value to our customers while we work in partnership to manage these significant increases.”

Source: Vita Nonwovens, LLC


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