VisualTargeting® Becomes Official Ogilvy Partner

LOS ANGELES--International design and advertising world leader, Ogilvy&Mather, has appointed VisualTargeting® to become Official Partner, joining the ranks of Twitter, Spotify, and a select group of visionary innovators.

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Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, international best-selling author, and global advertising celebrity, Rory Sutherland, stated in a video interview about VisualTargeting®, "The reason I am enthusiastic is, given our extraordinary tendency to post-rationalize, research that actually bypasses the rational altogether seems to have a great future… [and] makes 90% of the [Consumer] Decision."

VisualTargeting® - the new industry standard in design - gives the global marketplace a new voice by leveraging their patented TrendSetterTM technology, which allows any individual to privately and anonymously direct the designs produced by major corporations, entertainment venues, product conglomerates, fashion, and style leaders. Consumer needs are communicated directly via to major brands, using the bLuPRINTTM created by cleOpatraTM.

VisualTargeting® is trusted by Fortune 500s, business and marketing bestsellers, elite Forbes and CondéNast destination resorts, world-renown entertainment venues, and business celebrities in 182 countries. TrendSetterTM is the only technology on Earth that turns the Consumer into the Creative Director, empowering designer intuition with specific market-driven visual preference data that's easily applied to any design, product or entertainment environment.

Members of the VisualTreasuryTM powered by TrendSetterTM - the global database through which VisualTargeting® guides companies, reduces design costs, and product development risks - include UniLever, AARP, Anthony Robbins, TIGI BedHead, Toni&Guy, Jeff Greene's Kimpton Tideline Ocean Resort, the EAU Palm Beach Resort, and more.

Original Founder of VisualTargeting® and entertainment design innovator Steven Kronick, comments: "Partnering with the best, Ogilvy&Mather, gives international businesses and global consumers unprecedented power to shape the future of life experiences. With David Ogilvy's lifelong standard of doing 'only first class business, and that, in a first class way,' businesses now have direct access to VisualTargeting® technologies through all of 450 Ogilvy locations worldwide. In addition, global consumers feel even more comfort and clarity about exactly how they are designing their lifetime, understanding that by directing TrendSetterTM they are literally designing the world that both they, and their friends and families are experiencing daily."

VisualTargeting® has been taught to graduating students at Project Runway Sponsor, FiDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles.) A book on VisualTargeting® can be found at Barnes&Noble.

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