Visual Artist Dana Blickensderfer of Provoke Art Reviewed at ArtExpo New York

Blickensderfer's recent exhibition, #Untitled, was reviewed for its modern social interaction through black and white drawings.

Dana Blickensderfer, founder of Provoke Art, is a visual artist who recently made her #UNTITLED exhibition available to the public at Artexpo New York. Her artwork display, which consists of a collection of black-and-white mixed media on paper, presents the viewer with a form of raw simplicity that is difficult to replicate.

#UNTITLED is an intimate view into how people of today communicate socially. It is a lighthearted stab at how communication today is now done most intimately over a screen, where the only thing that tethers either person to their actual self is a picture, which is contained with a small, frame-like space on social media.  During her exhibition, Blickensderfer was met with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Among her many observers, there were comments that her work was “inspiring,” “powerful,” “bold,” and “captivating.” The many eyes in the small crowd that formed scanned the collage of mixed media artworks

Blickensderfer’s work is presented in a way that is very accessible to its spectators. The exhibit takes up an entire wall, and the series of 100 artworks are placed in particular order. Given the amount of works there are in the space and the amount of interpretation that even just one is open to, Blickensderfer’s exhibition creates an atmosphere that is defined more so by the viewer than by the work itself.

#UNTITLED showed in April 2016 at the four-day ArtExpo New York, the world’s largest fine art show, at Pier 94 in New York City. Blickensderfer was joined by more than 400 independent artists from around the globe, displaying their work in various forms, ranging from paintings to glass works and more!

ArtExpo hosted tens of thousands of art enthusiasts, gallery owners and managers, art dealers and buyers, and designers. In addition to the fine art displays, attendees enjoyed educational seminars cocktail parties, live entertainment, and other special events.

Over the past several decades, ArtExpo has established itself as the premier venue for established and emergent independent artists, like Dana Blickensderfer of Provoke Art, to showcase their work. For more information on ArtExpo New York and ticketing, visit

About Dana Blickensderfer

​In addition to being proficient in drawing and painting, Dana Blickensderfer is also the co-founder of iBoss Advertising. Based in both New York and Tampa, Florida, much of Dana’s inspiration for her work comes from her family ancestry. She has a recent series of oil paintings that portray the iconic Blickensderfer typewriter, which was invented in the late 1800’s. She weaves images of the actual typewriter and the original advertisements for the product together to create an amalgamation of images and color from different eras that link to each other. The end result is an air of nostalgia blanketed in a fresh, innovative atmosphere.

In 2014, Dana Blickensderfer received the Milton and Sally Avery Scholarship, which resulted in her studying at the New York Studio School. In 2013, Blickensderfer was a finalist in the Olympic Arts Competition that took place in Orlando, Florida. That same year, she took part in the Celebration of Arts Exhibition in Tampa, which was curated by the directors of Bay Area Museums. Most recently, Dana Blickensderfer was chosen to be the featured artist of the February edition of Panache Vue Magazine.

About Provoke Art

In 2010, Blickensderfer founded Provoke Art so that she could make valuable contributions to the art industry. Furthermore, she hoped to inspire other artists to create great contemporary art.

Blickensderfer’s video projects that she created for Provoke Art have resulted in the creation of performance art for both her and other artists’ collaborations. One of her previous works involves painting live in various New York City locations. With the help of Provoke Art affiliates, Blickensderfer hopes to expand this project in the coming year and branch out even further. This project embodies the core values of Provoke Art: the stimulation of thought and emotion through artwork and performance while simultaneously connecting individuals, with art itself serving as the link.

Source: Provoke Art

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