VistaGlass Direct Invests in Growth and Expansion

VistaGlass Direct, a South Florida-based Glass Fabricating company, is delighted to offer on-site glass tempering services following the installation of its brand-new tempering furnace as part of a two-year business investment program that also includes: expansion of its 15,000-square-foot Coral Springs, Florida-based high-tech glass fabricating facility; appointment of glass industry veteran Juan Acosta to general manager; and the implementation of brand new A&W software for complete transparency and control of production planning.

Since launch in 2015, VistaGlass Direct has gone from strength to strength in the tri-county area. With a reputation for quality, efficiency and excellence in customer service, VistaGlass Direct has built a solid business, partnering with contractors, installers and interior designers for services including: glass fabrication, laminating, back-painting and sandblasting/etching. The addition of an on-site glass tempering furnace significantly reduces product lead time, strengthens the company’s product portfolio and business proposition, and positions them as the only North West Broward glass fabrication business offering a one-stop shop for decorative glass products.

Why VistaGlass Direct? The Benefits Are Clear:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • One stop shop for glass products
  • Local craftsman
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Quick turnaround from inquiry to delivery
  • Covers tri-county areas

Our Services at a Glance

Tempered Glass: When you need fabricated glass parts that can withstand the toughest situations, tempered glass is one of your best options. Perfect for shower screens and doors, shelving, table tops, balustrades, stair rails, office furniture, glass partitions

Glass Laminating: Patterns range from delicate lines, layers, and crinkles to nature-inspired motifs. We have SGCC (and, coming soon, SGP) Certification.

Glass Back Painting: Using state-of-the-art gold technologies automated machine with new GPT paint. Perfect for partitions, kitchen backsplash, shower doors, accent walls, furniture, shelving, vanities and other design uses.

Sandblasting/etching: Customized glass for windows or doors with beautiful designs or business logos

Our new tempering oven is the final piece in the jigsaw for us to offer a full glass service: from raw glass to complete tempered ready-to-go product,” said Kevin Roth, CEO and Managing Partner. “With VistaGlass Direct now in control of the tempering, we will be able to offer current and new clients an even better service with an excellent lead time that will be the best in the business. We work hard to offer the best customer service and quality, while remaining price competitive. As we continue our strategic business investment, we have plans for an array of machines to further enhance our business proposition.”


About VistaGlass Direct

VistaGlass Direct is a South Florida-based Glass Fabricating company. Our foundation is built on unrivaled customer service, quality and value. We serve the tri-county area and produce all our glass products in our own factory in Coral Springs, Florida. We pride ourselves on our quality, service and customer care and work closely with each and every client to bring their style aspirations to life in a timely, cost-effective and highly efficient way.

Media Contact: Michelle Milsom


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