Vista Social Becomes the First Approved Social Media Management Tool to Offer Trending Sounds for Reels and TikToks

Trending Audio in Vista Social

Today, Vista Social is excited to announce that they are the first fully approved social media management tool in the world to offer trending audio for Reels and TikToks.

Now, Vista Social customers can quickly and easily discover, import, organize, and schedule the most popular sounds and songs with their social media posts.

The approval from Meta and TikTok as the world's first platform to allow businesses to schedule Reels and TikToks with trending audio in Vista Social represents a preview of the top social media management tool for 2023.

Vista Social's new highly anticipated Trending Audio tool allows their customers to:

  • Schedule Reels and TikToks with trending audio.
  • Quickly source the most popular songs and sounds on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Import audio to their media library for their next social media post.
  • Organize their audio with labels so they can quickly associate them with clients, brands, or projects.

TikTok has repeatedly emphasized the significance of trending audio and recommends that marketers consider songs and sounds as an equally, if not more, important element to visual clips on the app.

Currently, other social media management platforms such as Later and Hootsuite only offer the ability to schedule Reels and TikToks without trending songs and original sounds. 

More brands and agencies are switching to Vista Social as they continue to be first to market for a number of key features:

Vista Social understands that some brands, agencies, and social media managers may be locked into annual contracts with a competing tool—so they are offering Vista Social Pro plans for free for the remainder of a business's contract with a competing SMM tool. 

For more information on taking advantage of that offer, contact Vista Social's sales team

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