Vision Help Foundation Expands Charitable Donations to Pakistan and Dominica to Provide Children's School Supplies in Underserved Communities

School Supplies In Pakistan

Vision Help Foundation is currently accepting charitable donations to improve the lives and education of 10,000 students in Dominica, Pakistan, and Haiti. This effort is currently underway to create shipments of school uniforms, backpacks, pens, pencils and more to areas where children are in need.

"We are helping communities that are severely underfunded and families are very poor. Children often do not have the basic supplies they need to learn. Vision Help Foundation believes we can have a dramatic positive impact on these communities by providing these essential tools of learning at no cost to residents," said Velly Duverny and Keller Polynice VHF founders.

The effort has required international coordination between Vision Help Foundation's staff in St. Louis with local teachers, schools, and officials in target areas.

In Dominica, volunteers and local teachers worked with Foundation personnel to connect with the children who are most in need. They will be receiving uniforms and school supplies that are required to attend school in their local communities.

In Pakistan, a Foundation board member has been working with local teachers to create a smooth distribution of supplies to schools in need.

"We are planning to give more this month to impact another 10,000 students in Dominica, Pakistan, and Haiti. This is one of our largest, most wide-ranging charity efforts to date," Polynice said.

Previous Vision Health Foundation efforts have ranged from enhanced Covid-19 awareness and education throughout the St. Louis area to being instrumental in the repair of roofs in rural Haiti communities. There, many homes are not safe, roofs leak constantly, and may collapse during one of the frequent rainstorms.

Duverny, who grew up in Haiti before later moving to St. Louis, has experienced the difficulties of children, families, and communities in need. "Here at VHF we are extremely appreciative of the support local St. Louis residents and others from around the world have given our programs. Your contributions are improving the lives of thousands of children, families, and impoverished communities in many deserving places," Duverny said.

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