VirusIQ: A Pioneering Mobile Application by ClinIQ Supporting Safer Air Travel Amidst COVID-19

​​​​Today's global world has been profoundly disrupted by COVID-19, which continues to affect lives across the planet in the absence of a vaccine.

In this world, the key to a safe return to air travel is twofold: risk mitigation and customer confidence. Screening procedures must be implemented at least 14 days prior to travel, and travelers must be monitored prior to and after travel. Here is where VirusIQ steps in, ensuring partnering airlines are at the front of the queue when it comes to safety.

VirusIQ: Supporting Airlines to Resume Business Activity Safely 

VirusIQ, a public health project of ClinIQ Healthcare, provides a unique end-to-end solution for the airline industry: a digital, remote screening test designed for global deployment.

The VirusIQ mobile application (available on Android & iOS) helps detect, prevent and contain the spread of viruses. For airlines, VirusIQ enables passengers to perform screening tests up to 14 days prior to check-in. Users can screen for COVID-19 in under 5 minutes in the convenience and privacy of their chosen location, enabling airlines to resume business activity safely. VirusIQ also performs ancillary services, offering contact tracing, telemedicine, assisted quarantine and digital health passes.

VirusIQ offers a cost-friendly modular solution that is customizable, interoperable, and trustworthy: its clinical algorithm has been reviewed by the FDA and is compliant with World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols. 

VirusIQ: Ensuring Safety and Data Privacy For Our Customers

In accordance with FAA & TSA guidelines, VirusIQ does not introduce any process or equipment that might endanger airline passengers. Its dedicated team of clinical trial investigators is working to validate screening processes in every country to cater for variations in a global population.

VirusIQ has chosen not to deploy Bluetooth technology to avoid jeopardizing customer privacy. The team's safety-first approach involves working closely with MIT's Contact Tracing Privacy group to develop open-source guidelines preventing encroachment on individuals' privacy rights. Its digital health pass has been developed with significant legal consultation to avoid any possible discrimination on grounds of infection. 

Risk scoring conducted by VirusIQ's platform is transparent and easily interpretable. VirusIQ does not share any information with third parties unless the individual concerned consents to sharing their color status.

Founded by a specialist anesthesiologist in January 2020 to tackle the spread of the novel coronavirus, the VirusIQ team comprises highly qualified medical and research professionals who have years of rich public health experience battling infectious diseases. 

Organizations performing gold standard COVID-19 testing who may be interested in working with VirusIQ to validate a universal screening test, and airlines or intermediaries interested in exploring VirusIQ's portfolio of services, are invited to reach out via the details below.  

​For inquiries contact:
Imogen Malpas​

VirusIQ, a screening sherpa, guides safe access to healthcare and informs community members of their risk, helping reduce viral spread. Learn more at:

Source: ClinIQ