Virtuous Visions, Inc.'s Team Member Jon is Promoted

​The Director of Virtuous Visions, Inc. announced the promotion of team member Jon to account manager due to his work ethic. Other team members will soon qualify for promotions based on the firm’s advancement policy. 

“It’s always a pleasure to promote hard-working individuals to the next level,” stated Jaclyn, Virtuous Visions, Inc.’s Director of Operations. “Jon exemplifies the qualities we seek in our team members.”

As Jaclyn noted, Jon comes to work prepared to learn. “He has an open mind-set and is eager to learn,” she stated. “He has a notebook and pen in hand, ready to absorb new information each day. He puts in that extra effort that it takes to succeed in business.”

"Jon defines what it means to set the bar higher, not just for himself, but for the entire team."



Networking and presentation are among the skills that Jon has strived to master. “He’s really growing his professional network,” Jaclyn stated. “His public speaking abilities showcase his confidence and desire to excel. Jon has the right instincts for connecting with the public, and it shows in the results he has achieved during his time at Virtuous Visions, Inc.”

“Jon defines what it means to set the bar higher, not just for himself, but for the entire team,” Jaclyn continued. “It’s inspiring to see his positive energy at work. He has a can-do spirit that reverberates throughout our office, as he encourages his colleagues to join him in delivering just a little more. He’s always there to help others when they need it, too.”

Virtuous Visions, Inc.’s Director Describes Top Associate Qualities for Advancement

Jaclyn shared that Virtuous Visions, Inc. offers a progressive career path for ambitious people. “The day our people start with our firm, they are working toward promotions,” she stated. “We base advancement on merit, not seniority. This allows people to grow at a pace that is comfortable for them.”

Leadership is the key quality associates need to demonstrate to reach the next level. “Our people receive training in basic business skills, including how to manage others,” she said. “Those individuals who master these aptitudes receive additional training and growth opportunities within our company.”

“Collaboration and commitment are two other qualities that our best people share,” she added. “We have a team-based culture and thus we expect our associates to work together and share ideas. People who help each other achieve our goals are among those we tap for further responsibilities.”

As Jaclyn concluded, “Our program sets people up to succeed. They just have to bring their passion and desire to be the best.”

About Virtuous Visions, Inc.:

Virtuous Visions, Inc. powers Inspire Energy’s mission to deliver efficient and affordable energy-saving solutions. The team delivers the message about clean living and smart technology to businesses and homeowners throughout Harrisburg. As a leader in the consulting and marketing field, the firm is proud to generate outreach campaigns that connect Inspire Energy with the most receptive audiences. By making it easy for people to understand the benefits of renewable resources and smart-energy technologies, Virtuous Visions, Inc achieves winning results for its client. The team is regarded for its role in making the community healthier and the future brighter. Their passion is evident. Learn more by visiting


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