VirtualPorn360 Is the First Company to Launch a Virtual Reality Live Webcam Service in 360º

VirtualPorn360 is launching an exciting new feature: a live 360º virtual webcam, where users can interact live with pornstars.

The futuristic feature will enable users to interact with porn actresses in real time

VirtualPorn360 goes even further in the VR porn industry by launching an exciting new feature: from this week on, fans of vr porn can enjoy a live virtual webcam in 360 degrees. The new vr porn webcam feature allows users to not only immerse in virtual porn, but also to interact with the actresses in real time.

The futuristic live webcam feature will enable users to interact with porn actresses in real time.

“We want to keep revolutionizing the virtual reality market”, tells us Javier Rodriguez, CEO of VirtualPorn360. “Virtual porn provides the users with a truly unique experience. But we wanted to go even further”, he goes on. “Our new virtual webcam allows the viewer to feel as if he is in the same room as the girl of his choice and interact with her live at the same time. The 360º cameras enhance this extraordinary experience and make it even more realistic.” VirtualPorn360 is in fact the first company to launch a live vr porn webcam in 360 degrees.

How does the live virtual webcam work?
The new vr porn webcam is compatible with all types of virtual reality glasses. This virtual webcam service enables users to chat live with the girl of their choice. In a private vr webcam session users can actually have the girl all to themselves and interact with her live. Thanks to the immersive virtual reality 360º view, the user can totally feel as if he is in the same room as his dream babe.

About VirtualPorn360
Virtual Porn 360, a Spanish firm founded in 2015, is the first company on a global scale to produce and distribute porn videos in 360º for virtual reality devices. The aim of the webpage is to revolutionize and transform the adult entertainment industry at an international stage, given that it is the first company to produce VR porn videos for virtual reality devices. Virtual Porn 360 is a pioneer website within the VR adult industry as it was the first one launching a VR interactive video in the sector.