Virtual Sleep Wellness Company Lofta Steps Up During Coronavirus Crisis

San Diego based sleep wellness company, Lofta, Inc., heightens its commitment to sleep health for those who need it most in a time of crisis

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Lofta, Inc., a virtual sleep wellness company announced today its heightened efforts to meet the needs of the millions of Americans who suffer from sleep apnea. During a time when people in California and across the nation are mandated to stay at home, Lofta is uniquely positioned to serve people who have been diagnosed with or are at risk for sleep apnea through its completely virtual programs and services. Over the last three years, Lofta has revolutionized the sleep apnea space by offering virtual testing, treatment programs, and product fulfillment quicker and easier than ever before. As the current crisis unfolds, Lofta seeks to further expedite and expand its offerings to make sure individuals with sleep apnea get life-saving devices and supplies and that those at risk for the condition can be tested and treated within a few days - all from the safety of their own homes.

Lofta CEO, Jay Levitt, describes the company's response to the ever-heightening health care crisis, "The Lofta team is committed to doubling down to ensure that we can deliver diagnostic services, products and supplies to those that need them most. Lofta stands ready to make a real difference and be engaged 24/7." To respond to expanded need, Lofta will offer same day delivery for testing kits, CPAP devices and supplies in the San Diego area. At the same time, it is working diligently to offer same day service in major cities throughout California and the nation. Levitt continues, "As more individuals are diagnosed with the coronavirus our ability to provide products and services will become increasingly paramount and Lofta can make a real difference due to our virtual and rapid delivery model."

Levitt and his team are keenly aware of how important it is to be available for those with or at risk for sleep apnea during this critical time. Lofta Sleep Coach, Chelsae Avila, explains, "It's crucial that people with sleep apnea stay healthy through CPAP treatment during this health crisis. Sleep apnea is often linked to co-morbidities like respiratory disease, diabetes, and heart disease and most people with the condition are over 65. This often means folks with sleep apnea are in high risk categories for other illnesses, so the stakes are even higher right now that they stay seamlessly on sleep therapy." Lofta is taking this commitment to their clients seriously by expanding its virtual hours and working with shipping companies and expediters to ensure their clients get the products they rely on even in the heat of a national crisis. At the same time, Lofta is mindful of how their products and services relate to the broader health-care landscape during the current unprecedented health-care emergency. Lofta VP of Client Services, Brett Fletcher, describes it this way, "As the health-care system becomes more stressed in terms of the availability of resources, Lofta can deliver services and products to those not inflicted with coronavirus, but who nevertheless need attention and, in doing so, we hope to reduce the demand on the health-care system more broadly." With this goal in mind, Lofta is providing same or next day fulfillment to health-care facilities and is partnering with independent, on-line sleep physicians to provide diagnostic services.

Lofta maintains it is especially well-positioned to step up during this national crisis, given its deep relationships with sleep apnea industry leaders like CPAP manufacturer, ResMed, and home testing device maker, Itamar Medical. Levitt speaks to how these relationships allow Lofta to "double down" on its commitment to clients and those at risk for sleep apnea, "The valued partnerships we've cultivated with leaders in the industry mean we are immediately ready to meet the massive demand that exists today and will certainly increase over the coming days, weeks and months. Lofta maintains a robust supply chain and on hand inventory of all products and supplies for immediate fulfillment." Levitt reiterates why Lofta feels it has a mandate to use all the resources at its disposal to respond to the current crisis, "when so many people are under extreme stress, the last thing we want them to worry about is their sleep health. If Lofta can provide relief by ensuring folks across the country get a good night sleep through our services and products, we have an obligation to be here for them, no matter what."

To learn more about Lofta's virtual and expedited services, visit or call 800-698-8000.

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Lofta is revolutionizing the sleep wellness space by redefining how people are diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea and chronic snoring, with life-changing results. By leveraging telemedicine technology, high touch customer service, and a consumer-centric approach, Lofta offers sleep wellness solutions on pace with the rapidly changing health and wellness environment - when and where clients need them the most. Motivated by a desire to streamline a needlessly complex experience, Lofta makes a better night sleep accessible quickly and easily. In removing the existing obstacles to relief that compound an already exhausting problem - the maze of insurance requirements, arduous overnights at the sleep lab, and an all-too common lack of support - Lofta clears the way to breathing easier by providing access to screening, on-line diagnosis, testing, and comprehensive treatment support all in one place - the customer's home. Lofta's quick and easy path to diagnosis and treatment is only part of the company's path-breaking story. Lofta seeks to cultivate enduring relationships with its clients by ensuring long-term treatment success. Through its innovative high touch therapy program featuring a dedicated sleep coach, Lofta provides one-on-one support at every step in the process. As clients continue their treatment journey, Lofta leverages advanced technology to report sleep outcomes in real-time providing a continuous feedback loop to optimize on-going therapy. Through high-tech, high-touch engagement, Lofta clients become fully invested in their long-term sleep wellness. For more information go to

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