Virtual Serial Port Driver 11 Brings New COM-Port Management Features & Important Compatibility Fixes

Electronic Team's latest release of Virtual Serial Port Driver focuses on better compatibility with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and adds new COM-port management options. It now allows resetting serial port activity statistics and gives a way to add a virtual port from an earlier created bundle as a physical port in a new bundle.

Meet Brand New Virtual Serial Port Driver 11

Virtual Serial Port Driver for Windows is the leading Electronic Team's solution designed to create and control various types of real and virtual serial port bundles. 

With the most recent update, the application provides a way to create port bundles that require a physical COM-port even when the user doesn't have a single real COM-port available in the system. 

Once a virtual port from any of the already existing port bundles is added in place of a real port, it becomes possible to create and manage a Split, Joined, Merged, Switched, Redirected, Shared, or Complex Port Bundle. The virtual port will emulate real port parameters and behave like it was a physical serial interface.

Another new feature you get with Virtual Serial Port Driver 11 is the ability to reset data transfer statistics of the selected real or virtual COM-port.

Serial port statistics show how much data the selected port has sent and received since it was created. The new option allows resetting the statistics counter, i.e. setting the statistics to 0 bytes.

In addition, the software will let users view custom settings, including baudrate, parity, data bits, stop bits, and flow control, of all physical ports available in the selected port bundle.

Some other minor bug fixes and performance optimizations in Virtual Serial Port Driver 11:

  • Command-line interface options have been improved to allow quick automation of port bundle creation processes.
  • Minor issues with the option to back up and restore port bundle settings have been fixed.
  • Software drivers have been updated and signed by Microsoft.

Core capabilities

With this release, Virtual Serial Port Driver also retains its main functionality: 

  • Creating virtual COM-port pairs. 
  • Joining multiple real ports into one virtual.
  • Merging real and virtual ports within a single port bundle.
  • Creating an automatic port switcher.
  • Redirecting data between ports. 
  • Sharing a real port among multiple applications.
  • Creating complex bundles with real, virtual, and shared ports, and many more.

Company profile

Electronic Team, Inc. is a global software development company specializing in network technologies for serial port virtualization, redirection, and remote access. For over 20 years, Electronic Team has been building professional applications for remote control and monitoring of USB and serial ports over LAN and the internet.

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