Virtual Journals Changing the Scientific Publishing Landscape

ScienceOpen launches new tool and several top collections

Berlin, Boston, Budapest, December 10th, 2015.

ScienceOpen, the research and publishing network, has created a tool for researchers to create their own “best of” collections from among over 10 million articles across all publishers and journals. The ‘Collection” principle may change the way scientists access and prioritize academic literature in journals.​

"It is as simple as pick and choose, my own collection has already attracted 25,000 researchers within a few months."

Alexander Grossmann, Co-founder and President of ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen Collections can provide valuable aspects of classical journals such as topic-specific bundling, editorial selection, peer review and quality assurance. Moreover it enables these features independent of journal and publication date and free of cost.

Barry Marshall, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2005 for his discovery of bacteria and its role in gastric ulcers explores “When did Helicobacter first colonise humans?” in his ScienceOpen Collection. “I appreciate this opportunity to pull together papers from different sources into a thematic collection and start a discussion around them,“ Dr. Marshall commented.

“It is as simple as pick and choose” says Alexander Grossmann, co-founder of ScienceOpen. “My own collection has already attracted 25,000 researchers within a few months.”

For academic authors, the post-publication activity around their scholarly article – such as being included in a ScienceOpen Collection and the visibility associated with that, may bring more reputation to their work than the so-called journal impact factor. The goal is a faster and fairer evaluation process.

About ScienceOpen: ScienceOpen, the research + open access publishing network, was founded in 2013 in Berlin and Boston by Alexander Grossmann and Tibor Tscheke. See site for further information.

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