VirtoSoftware is Introducing Upgrades for Virto SharePoint Kanban

VirtoSoftware released a new version of Kanban for Sharepoint Online with several useful features.


Virto ( Kanban for SharePoint Online was upgraded with some great features.

It's common for every version of Virto SharePoint Kanban Board to have these main features:

1. Smart SharePoint task management.

2. Manage color-coded SharePoint tasks on a Kanban board.

3. Customizable set of columns and swimlanes on your board.

4. Work with the same user permission for a board that your SP list has.

5. Powerful set of task filters.

6. Notifications:

  • Task watchers receive emails about any changes in the task even if they are not assigned to this task.
  • Task notification feature allows users to track specific changes of a task according to custom conditions.
  • Notifications to users assigned to a task are also allowed to send. 

Here are the newest changes released with this upgrade:

1. Multiple SharePoint lists aggregation.

SharePoint Kanban web part allows user to overlay several SharePoint lists and manage tasks from them on a Kanban board. The lists can be merged by the same content type and any lists with coinciding fields. 

Lists can be merged in 2 cases:

  • They have an identical content type with the same fields.
  •  They share the same parent content type. In this case, only the coinciding fields will be merged.

2. Merge lists across your site collection.

A list picker can be used to select lists from the current site collection sites and subsites to display on SharePoint Kanban Board.

3. Customizable notification letters.

Users can create email notifications about any Kanban board changes.

Create custom conditions and define list of users, who will receive email notifications about these changes. The Notification title can be set and used also as email title.

The email body can be customized with the next attributes: add text, links, pictures, tables, tags, and track the changes of old and new field values.

4. Redesign.

The board and tasks view were improved to look modern, clear and convenient. 

All users are invited to update SharePoint Kanban and try all these features. The 30-days free trial also can be downloaded to tested in the environment.

"This is a great update for SharePoint Kanban Board. VirtoSoftware team have been working hard and now we are pleased to share this functionality with our partners and clients," - said Alexander Siniouguine, CEO of VirtoSoftware .

About VirtoSoftware

VirtoSoftware was founded in 2009 by a professional team who designs and builds innovative SharePoint web parts and Office 365 apps. Today we are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provide our high quality products and services for thousands of users around the world, including Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit

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