VirtoSoftware Has Released New Kanban Board App Features

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board was updated with an option to sort cards in specified order, edit field values on the card directly, tasks search, and new filters behavior.


VirtoSoftware ( SharePoint Kanban Board App comes with new smart features and slightly updated board interface. Virto SharePoint Kanban Board App (​) is created for easy & smart task management. 

The Virto Kanban Board App visualizes SharePoint tasks on colorful and convenient scrum boards. The tasks can be managed from different SharePoint lists, merged by the same content type, on a single Kanban board. The drag and drop feature allows to move and sort out tasks between a project's columns and swimlanes. Create and adjust new boards in minutes with a few simple steps.

Also the Kanban Board App by Virto allows users to customize a board view with multiple filters. Filter SharePoint tasks by assignee, a certain field value, or with a custom user-configured condition.

The new Virto Kanban Board Add has some new and unique features:

  1. Edit fields right on a card. This option allows to edit task values without opening an edit form, right on a card.
  2. Interactive search. Use a search control to display only tasks matching to the entered values (text, numbers, and symbols) that are displayed on cards.
  3. Sorting field in a column (cell). Apply tasks sorting in ascending and descending order with new buttons on the board header. Now all sorting options are grouped​ in a single section.​
  4. Filters logic. When you apply several filters, they use AND operator. User filters work with OR operator.​​
  5. Templates. Use previously saved templates of other boards on the site collection.

All users are invited to try all these features of the SharePoint Kanban Board App for free.

"This is a very useful product for smart, convenient and easy task management. The new Virto Kanban Board App has some new and really great features. Our team hopes that every user would appreciate this functionality," said Dmitry Leytner, CEO of VirtoSoftware.

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