Virto Kanban Online: Now for Modern SharePoint Sites

VirtoSoftware introduces the Virto Kanban Board online update with the support of the modern SharePoint interface.

VirtoSoftware announces the latest update of the Virto Kanban Board online. Now users can use the Kanban online application on the SharePoint modern sites. In other words, starting from this update, the users of modern sites have a great opportunity of working with full Virto Kanban functionality.

To start using users have to follow the steps below:

Step 1. Install the Kanban Board app to the SharePoint site or make sure it’s already installed.

Step 2. Download the Kanban Board Modern web part and add it to the app catalog.

Step 3. And finally, add the “Virto Board Modern Web Part” to your SharePoint site page.

Also, now users can use the default SharePoint form to view and edit cards of their Virto Kanban boards.

VirtoSoftware has added the ability to use a special script and display default view and edit form when you click a card of your Virto Kanban board. Just add the script to the SharePoint site page where your Virto Kanban Board is added. Check “Use the default SharePoint form” checkbox in the web part settings block. Now when users need to view or edit the cards of your Kanban boards, you will be able to use default SharePoint form instead of Kanban one.

For instance, companies tend to use customized SharePoint forms with all the fields adjusted according to their needs. That's why VirtoSoftware team decided to use these forms for Virto Kanban customers as well.

The short guide on how to use the default SharePoint form right to the app part edit section was introduced recently. Users can just copy the script as it described and add it to the Virto Kanban Board app page. VirtoSoftware also recommends adding the script to the bottom of the page to keep the appearance of the app part as it was before.

Source: VirtoSoftware

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