Virto Commerce Release on Microsoft .NET 6

Virto Commerce unveils the platform's release on Microsoft .NET 6, the latest .NET framework

Virto Commerce Release on Microsoft .NET 6

Virto Commerce, a leading provider of B2B digital commerce solutions, announces the release of the Virto Commerce platform on .NET 6, a software framework developed by Microsoft. The recent release follows the result of a year's worth of effort by Microsoft developers and the .NET community to improve the existing framework, which culminated in the release of .NET 6, the fastest .NET to date, back in November 2021. 

Virto's update opens the door to the new .NET 6 features, such as simplified development, better performance, and the ultimate in productivity. .NET 6 is a monumental release that delivers massive gains in performance, functionality, usability, and security. Among its many useful upgrades, the release provides for C# 10 and F# 6 language improvements, hot reload, net Git tooling, and intelligent code editing, which are now all available to Virto Commerce users.

"With Virto's .NET 6 release, Virto Commerce customers automatically benefit from Microsoft's top development tools and performance," says Oleg Zhuk, CTO of Virto Commerce. "You can now write better and simpler code with C# 10, smaller and faster microservices with minimum APIs, and lower the computing costs of cloud hosting. Running Virto Commerce on .NET 6 has been a pure joy so far!"

The .NET 6 compatible version is already available in all primary cloud data centers. All Virto Commerce modules, Virto Commerce CLI, and Virto Commerce Module templates have been updated to support .NET 6. 

"The Virto Commerce team put a lot of effort into ensuring quality and seamless updates," continues Oleg Zhuk. "To start taking advantage of Microsoft's top development tools and Virto's ecommerce modules, just run your update on Virto Commerce!" 

Virto Commerce, founded in 2011 by industry experts, is a leading provider of B2B digital commerce solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, the company serves more than 100 businesses worldwide and has offices in five countries, including the Americas and Europe. Virto Commerce's flagship product, the cloud-based ecommerce, open-source .NET platform, is the only B2B-first headless digital commerce solution specifically designed to adapt to ever-changing, complex scenarios common in the B2B market. 

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Mary Gabrielyan, CMO at Virto Commerce 

Source: Virto Commerce