Virto Commerce is Introducing the New B2B Theme 2.0

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The VirtoCommerce team is excited to introduce the new versions of the B2B theme 2.0! We have completely redesigned the previous theme and added many new essential features for enterprise and business solutions.

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Here are some important B2B theme changes:

·       New sign up process that allows registering as an organization or personal customer;

·       New product search options allow filtering based on availability in specified fulfillment centers;

·       New cart view and one-page checkout now feature pickup delivery method and display expected arrival date or product availability in selected fulfillment centers;

·       New product details view options can show multiple product variations, which facilitates and improves the selecting and buying process;

·       New customer cabinet is designed to cover all basic requirements for an organization or customer management such as:               

o   manage organization members and their roles;

o   invite new members of the organization;

o   edit company information and address;

o   view all employee data, such as orders or personal lists;

o   manage preferences and checkout defaults;

o   create and use unlimited named lists for favorited and planned purchases.

The theme is built on the CSS framework Bootstrap 3.0 and has an adaptive markup that allows it to work on mobile devices with small resolutions.

"This is a huge update that introduces a big variety of features to our B2B theme and platform as a whole! We couldn’t be more excited and can’t wait to share this ungraded product with our partners and clients," said Garren Parkins, Director of Sales in Virto Commerce.

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