Virto Commerce Discusses Challenges of the Digital Transformation at Multinationals for Forbes

Evgeny Grigul, VP & Co-Founder of Virto Commerce Discusses Challenges of the Digital Transformation at Multinationals for Forbes Tech Council

Digital Transformation

Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class technology executives, along with Evgeny Grigul, the Co-Founder & VP of Virto Commerce, a next-gen B2B-first e-commerce platform, have published an article at Forbes discussing digital transformation challenges and solutions for companies with multinational and multiregional presence. 

In his report, Evgeny Grigul talks about the difficulties of developing IT solutions under the umbrella of each region's distinct competitive and legislative landscape and outlines the challenges related to the centralization and decentralization of multinational companies. Mr. Grigul argues that either scenario presents specific challenges to digital transformation that can only be addressed by adopting, what he calls, a two-level system. The main goal of such an approach, according to Mr. Grigul, is to reuse the best practices, competencies, and technologies throughout the organization both on a local and global scale while allowing local branches the flexibility of adapting solutions to the specific needs of their regions.

"Any critical business software should be designed to serve the various needs of your regional teams. While Gartner, Inc. calls this strategy 'composable commerce,' I prefer to refer to it as 'Atomic Commerce Architecture,'" writes Evgeny Grigul, VP of Virto Commerce. 

Mr. Grigul concludes the conversation by advising multinationals to use an expert guide to develop a balanced strategy, which might save resources in the long run and help avoid the many challenges of digital transformation. 

Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only organization for senior-level technology executives, selected for the council based on their deep knowledge and diverse experience in the industry.

Virto Commerce, founded in 2011 by industry experts, is a leading provider of B2B digital commerce solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, the company serves more than 100 companies worldwide and has offices in five countries, including the Americas and Europe. Virto Commerce's flagship product, the e-commerce cloud-based, open-source, .NET platform, is the only B2B-first headless digital commerce solution that is specifically designed to adapt to ever-changing complex scenarios common in the B2B market. 

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