Virox® Announces the Launch of the Peroxiwash™ Concentrated Animal Shampoo

Peroxiwash™ Concentrated Animal Shampoo

Virox Animal Health™ have announced the newest addition to the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) family providing a full platform of disinfectants to meet the infection prevention needs of the animal health market. Peroxiwash™ Concentrated Animal Shampoo has been specifically designed for use in animal health facilities including but not limited to veterinary clinics, shelters, and grooming facilities. Peroxiwash™ is a concentrated product to be diluted with water prior to use that provides a deep clean by removing dirt and odors, leaving animals with a soft and shiny coat and fresh skin.

"When Virox® first entered animal health, we had a vision for how our patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® technology could make a positive impact by reducing the need to use toxic legacy chemistries," says Randy Pilon, President and CEO. "With the introduction of Peroxiwash™, AHP® now provides products for disinfection of not only surfaces and medical devices, but topical applications as well."

According to Dr. Lucas Pantaleon, Senior Clinical Veterinarian Advisor, "Peroxiwash™ is the ideal animal shampoo for the animal health industry. It is manufactured with gentle ingredients, providing users with both a pet safe and environmentally preferred shampoo. Peroxiwash™ provides superior cleansing action and removal of tough odors such as skunk, and does not contain any harsh chemicals, including fragrances, dyes, parabens or lathering agents."

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Source: Virox Animal Health


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