VIRNECT Launches 'VIRNECT AR Solution 2.0' as a True Solution for Remote Work Environment

Updates for four AR solutions that can remotely solve problems in industrial sites during the COVID-19 era

AR Virnect Remote

​​In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become essential. But for industrial sites, the "work from home" scenario can be tough to maintain. VIRNECT, a Korean company, applies AR technologies on industrial sites that make remote work possible and efficient. VIRNECT, a company with extensive industrial AR and digital twin technology expertise, officially launched AR solution 2.0, which consists of VIRNECT Remote, Make, View, and Workstation.

Products and 2.0 update

VIRNECT applies AR technologies on industrial sites to improve problems through their 3S (Saving, Safety, Smartness) values to the customers. The latest 2.0 update for the AR solution is designed to facilitate remote working environments for companies undergoing an unprecedented crisis due to COVID-19. The latest updates will be applied to the company’s existing products which are:

1) “VIRNECT Remote” is an AR multi-remote collaboration solution. “Remote” provides a “multi-communication system” that can be used on smart glass. Along with AR sharing functions and collaboration board features, it presents the fastest call response time in the industry. It guarantees HD level video quality even in low bandwidth environments. Remote can also be used through web browsers, smartphones, and tablet PC.

2) “VIRNECT Make” can produce and distribute AR contents. Make provides additional features that can add tables, graphs, animation, interaction, task lists, and responsive documents to the original non-coding AR contents. Users can create content for various device resolutions.

3) “VIRNECT View” visualizes field information through AR. View visualizes AR contents and registered task lists that are produced through Make for diverse targets. Users can write tasks and register trouble memos. Users can also place AR contents on specific locations though the AR content editing function (move, rotate, zoom in/out).

4) “VIRNECT Workstation” is an AR service for integrated management. Workstation is a newly released product for VIRNECT solution management. It provides user account settings, AR content lists, and job history management features.​

Promotions and offers for customers

· All customers with VIRNECT webpage accounts will get a 30-day free trial for the new VIRNECT AR solution 2.0.

· Customers who purchased more than three product licenses for more than three months get a Realwear Smart glasses and a mini Bluetooth keyboard.

· Customers who purchased for more than six months will get an additional six-month lenience period.

· Upon application, customers who purchased VIRNECT Make get AR contents that are produced free of charge.

Ha Tae-jin, CEO of VIRNECT, shared - “The upgraded VIRNECT’s AR Solution 2.0 not only has the addition of various features but also focuses on making AR solutions easier for customers to use in their workplaces. We hope that this would be great news to customers looking forward to a new version.” 

Media contact: Yu-sok Hwang, Marketing Manager,