Virginia Businesswoman Ieshia Leverette Makes Her Authorship Debut

Ieshia Leverette

A thriving, progressive businesswoman who’s widely known for assuming a variety of roles — most notably as President of FitRealty — Ieshia Leverette has achieved yet another monumental milestone as the mastermind behind the book entitled “Naked Truth.”

A spiritually empowering book based on true events made its official debut on the market on July 14, 2019. Leverette credits her inspiration for writing “Naked Truth” as divine inspiration from God. 

“God wanted me to share my story to inspire others who may not understand that life can change,” Leverette told Making Headline News over the summer. “You can overcome obstacles. He wanted me to help bridge others into who they deserve to be and let them know it is possible.”

For Leverette, her authorship comes amid a disheartening marital separation, a development that transpired a few years ago and an occurrence that essentially brought about an assortment of changes — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Leverette’s “Naked Truth” is the first of a three-part series because, according to this author, “There’s no way I could tell my life in one book.  

“Each book has its own voice based on who I was at that time. ‘Naked Truth’ is my first time capsule of who I was, how I spoke, how I thought at that time.

“I felt like I was going into another season in my life while going through a separation from my husband of almost eight years,” Leverette explained. “I didn’t want to keep delaying this project. I felt it in my heart and God told me now was the time.”

But first, Leverette had to alter her way of thinking in order to execute her immeasurable gifts as a writer.

“I thought only middle-aged or elderly people wrote books about their life,” Leverette said. “But then I thought if I don’t start documenting my life, I will forget my humble beginnings. It honestly was the best therapy one could do in their life. It has helped me re-discover myself in ways I never connected.”

As for the message she aspires to give readers of “Naked Truth,” Leverette is rather forthright and to-the-point.

“No matter the journey you travel, the path you take or how long it takes, if you keep going, you will find yourself creating a way to become who you deserve to be,” Leverette said without hesitation. “You may think you have a hard life, but the fact of the matter is that everyone has a story.”

As expected, the feedback Leverette has garnered about the new book has been favorable.

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