VINCE Gum and Mouth Care - Oral Rinse and Dentifrice is Back

VINCE Gum and Mouth Care - Oral Rinse and Dentifrice

VINCE Gum and Mouth Care - Oral Rinse and Dentifrice, which has been in production since 1927, is now available again on the website for Gregory R. Abate, DDS.

Dr. Edwin Abate, DDS, a US Naval dentist, administered VINCE Gum and Mouth Care - Oral Rinse and Dentifrice to servicemen in the Naval dental clinic on the island of Guam in the 1950s. Dr. Abate saw dramatic positive results of the sailor's mouths after using VINCE for a short period. After his service, he began prescribing VINCE to his patients in his dental practice in California.

In 1985 Dr. Gregory Abate, DDS joined his father's dental practice and also began recommending VINCE Oral Rinse to his patient's. Dr. Abate saw noticeable improvements in his patient's oral health after they used VINCE, which he has provided to his patient's continuously.

Dr. Abate found VINCE more and more difficult to obtain but believed in the indispensability of VINCE Gum and Mouth Care - Oral Rinse and Dentifrice, so he acquired the brand in 2015.

He purchased the original proprietary formula including the formulator's notes going back decade's, manufacturing instructions, know-how, other trade secrets, label and bottle copyrights and the VINCE trademark which the prior company owned since 2011.

It wasn't an easy task of getting VINCE manufactured accurately and properly to the highest standards of quality, but with persistence and patience, Dr. Abate has been successful in producing VINCE once again.

Dr. Gregory Abate is proud to make the original VINCE Gum and Mouth Care available on

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