Vinaer Wine Aerator - 7 Functions in 1 Professional Quality Wine Tool by Vinotive

The Vinaer Wine Aerator enables the wine to be experienced as the wine maker intended it to be. The true flavors of the wine are brought out and the finish is improved.

Vinaer Wine Aerator by Vinotive

The newly designed Vinaer Wine Aerator is a professional quality wine tool that decants wine instantly as it is poured from the bottle, delivering the following highly desirable features:

·       Instant aeration as the wine is poured from bottle to glass

·       Better taste out of the bottle and in future servings

·       Easy pouring stainless steel lip with a no-drip edge

·       Built-in micro fine filter to remove unwanted residues

·       Airtight stopper to preserve flavor and freshness

·       Covers unsightly foil edges and hides screw threads

Available in two different models, the Vinaer Wine Aerator takes any wine to new heights making a significant improvement in the enjoyment of the wine. With the Vinaer, the true flavors of the wine are brought out and the finish is improved. The Vinaer enables the wine to be experienced as the winemaker intended it to be.

Using the Vinaer Wine Aerator is extremely simple. After securely placing it on the top of an open wine bottle, the wine can be poured immediately from any direction, 360 degrees, single-handed. The multi-functional design ensures optimal, non-drip performance regardless of pour angle. The Vinaer is the next evolution of professional quality wine service, aerating the wine instantly as it is poured. An air-mixing chamber gently oxidizes the wine using a precisely balanced built-in stainless steel mesh, seven pouring tubes and eight small air vents positioned at the edge of the mesh.

A built-in micro fine stainless steel filter protects against and eliminates cork residues and other impurities from escaping into the glass. The airtight cap preserves the quality and flavor of the wine to enjoy another day. An outer collar adds an elegant appearance to any wine bottle and conceals the foil edges or threads of bottles with screw tops. The improved no-drip lip eliminates the need for a napkin or drip collar and prevents wine stains on linens. By rinsing the Vinaer under warm water, cleaning it is as simple as using it.

Created in partnership with award-winning designers Menke & Vagnby, the Vinaer Wine Aerator is made from durable yet beautiful stainless steel, TPR, PP and silicone. The Vinaer Wine Aerator by Vinotive makes the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys wine and appreciates a professional quality, elegant and practical home accessory.

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