VIMOC Expands Its AI-Driven Smart Parking and Safe Crosswalk Solutions at Santa Clara University

SCU set to implement additional VIMOC Smart Parking features and License Plate Recognition System

IMOC Technologies, a leader in delivering Artificial Intelligence solutions at the edge of the network, has deployed their Smart Parking and Safe Crosswalk solutions at Santa Clara University to create an innovative Smart Campus. With its flexible embedded applications, VIMOC’s deep learning Rosella™ Platform has made campus life at SCU simpler, safer, and more productive. 

SCU began by implementing VIMOC’s Smart Parking solution in their primary parking structure. System cameras track vehicles entering and exiting the structure, while The Rosella™ Platform processes this data at the edge of the network to deliver highly accurate and real-time intelligence. With ground truths revealing over 99% accuracy, VIMOC’s solution maximizes both parking space utilization and parking customer satisfaction.

Millie Kenney, Director of Parking and Transportation at SCU, has championed a smarter campus through the partnership with VIMOC. “We ran a pilot with VIMOC and were very impressed by the technology, the team and their execution,” said Kenney. “Now we’re excited to expand the system to include even more Smart Parking functions.”

With the success of the pilot, SCU is implementing a Smart Parking solution with additional functionality. While the augmented system continues to take inventory of each vehicle entering and exiting the structure, it also monitors all parking spaces reserved for special vehicles, such as ADA and electric vehicles. This Single Space Tracking solution provides data that engage dynamically with other VIMOC applications. “VIMOC had the exact solution that I was looking for,” said Kenney.

Up to the minute data on space availability will soon be displayed on flexible format LED signs outside parking structures, and will be shared to mobile apps and other online platforms. “Our access to accurate and real-time parking data transforms a daily process that is often very frustrating for customers, into a parking experience that is fast, simple, and stress-free,” said Ali Sebt, president and chief marketing officer of VIMOC. “SCU is pushing the envelope when it comes to mixing Artificial Intelligence with infrastructure to improve the quality of life on campus.”

VIMOC also recently deployed their Safe Crosswalk solution at SCU. A busy parking structure, located near Stevens Stadium and Stanton Soccer Field, posed a special threat to pedestrians. Drivers entering and exiting the structure encounter stark contrasts in lighting, which temporarily reduces visibility and jeopardizes pedestrian safety. After exploring other available options, Kenney knew the only safe solution was an automated system like VIMOC’s. “Nobody is going to push the button before crossing,” Kenney explained. “Even if there is a button, no one’s looking up any more.” By employing deep learning vision to detect and track approaching pedestrians, VIMOC’s system automatically triggers crosswalk warning lights to increase the safety and ease of drivers and pedestrians alike.

SCU will also soon implement VIMOC’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. This will allow for virtual permitting and automated violation alerts, enabling officers to work smarter and conduct more accurate and efficient enforcement. Santa Clara University continues to explore new ways to implement VIMOC’s AI-based solutions. “By turning SCU into a Smart Campus,” said Kenney, “I think we’re doing a great service to our university’s community.”

Santa Clara University continues to explore new ways to implement VIMOC’s AI-based solutions. “By turning SCU into a Smart Campus,” said Kenney, “I think we’re doing a great service to our university’s community.”

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